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Canadian agents predict rising house prices, struggling condos in 2021 – CTV News



If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines of the real estate market with a chunk of savings hoping for house prices to plummet, 2021 probably won’t be your year, Canadian real estate market experts say.

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t devastate Canada’s hottest housing markets the way some forecasters predicted. In fact, in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, fierce competition for detached houses meant back-to-back months of record-breaking prices. chatted with real estate agents and experts in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal to get their predictions for where the market is headed. While each expert expects 2021’s market to look a little different, they all anticipate that prices for mid-range detached homes will only go up as more Canadians seek out home offices and backyards to make life with COVID-19 a little more comfortable.

Ultra-low interest rates, introduced in the early days of the pandemic, are making those purchases particularly attractive for first-time buyers who haven’t seen their livelihoods jeopardized by COVID-19.

“COVID has made people appreciate the space that they live in — or on the flip side, not appreciate it,” Vancouver-based agent Mark Wiens told earlier in December. “They’re taking a more critical eye to where they live.”

While bidding wars for houses are poised to heat up in many parts of the country, condos are a different story. All the experts agreed that small one-bedroom condos in downtown cores have already seen a price hit in 2020, and these prices aren’t expected to quickly rebound in early 2021.

That’s bad news for condo owners looking to sell, but possibly good news for anyone keen to buy a small space in hopes that, eventually, the perks of downtown living will return.


The Toronto real estate market has shown no signs of slowing down. Agents sold a record-breaking 10,563 homes in October, a 25-per-cent increase from the year prior. The same month, the average price for detached homes jumped to $1,204,844, a 14.8-per-cent increase from October 2019.

Lauren Haw, CEO of Zoocasa, a real estate agency that offers market analysis, said a big reason for that surge was pent-up demand from the early months of the pandemic, when many buyers and sellers froze.

“Everybody locked in their homes discovered the things they wanted to change. Some people wanted to change their homes, invest in a bigger kitchen. Some other people decided, ‘I want a big change, I’m going to move out of the city,’” she said.

That’s translated into a “small-town revival,” Haw said, with cities and towns throughout southern Ontario seeing fierce competition for houses.

“We will see that trend continue to happen,” Haw said. “People who said, ‘I’m gonna buy this $600,000 one-bedroom condo in downtown Toronto,’ are now saying, ‘I can work from home in Barrie, Ancaster, Guelph or London.’ And people in London are doing the same and moving to Strathroy and Woodstock.”

If the economy continues to recover from COVID-19 shutdowns and interest rates remain low, that will likely translate into upward pressure on housing prices, Haw said.

In October, as Toronto house prices broke records again, the UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index ranked Toronto third in the world on a list of cities most at risk of experiencing a property bubble. Vancouver, the only other city on the list, ranked eighth.

Haw doesn’t expect the bubble to burst in 2021.

“I don’t see a price correction coming in 2021. That being said, it’s been 30 years since a major correction in the Toronto real estate market,” she said.

“But this pandemic didn’t do it. What’s it going to take? I don’t know what it will be that will drive the Toronto market into price decline.”

Where she does expect to see prices suffer is in one-bedroom condos, particularly in buildings downtown with a high proportion of renters and Airbnbs. Condo sales fell 8.5 per cent in the city of Toronto in October, with far less interest in smaller units in the densely populated core.

“I don’t think we’re currently at the bottom of condo prices, so I do think urban condo prices will continue to suffer in Q1,” Haw said, adding that a vaccine could change that.

“I’d hope that means service centres start to recover, the economy starts to rebound, businesses rebound, everyone runs to their local restaurants, which will be good for the economy, so we see renters come back to the city. If renters come back, we won’t see investors need to sell off one-bedroom condos.”


Vancouver remains a seller’s market, according to the chairwoman of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. In November, the benchmark price of a Vancouver home hit $1,044,000, up 5.8 per cent from November 2019. The number of sales passed 3,000 for the first time since 2015, which marked the second-best November in the last 10 years.

In one word, 2020 has been “incredible,” according to Vancouver agent Mark Wiens.

“Except for April and May, we’ve seen huge year-over-year increases in the number of sales each month,” Wiens said.

For 2021, Wiens said he expects to see the prices of houses continue to rise at high levels, with all the time spent at home this winter giving people more time to reconsider their living situations.

“There is momentum going on and it’s not going break up any time soon,” he said.

Vancouver’s housing market has long been supported by foreign buyers. When COVID-19 arrived and the border shut down, there were concerns that the housing market could be rattled.

Simply put, that didn’t happen, Wiens said.

“People believed the market was solely fuelled by foreign buyers, that things would collapse because of travel restrictions … it hasn’t changed anything at all,” he said.

Similar to Toronto, Vancouver’s downtown condo market has taken a hit, with a three-per-cent decrease year over year in prices.

Wiens said that presents an opportunity for buyers.

“What I’m telling all my buyers is to buy downtown immediately, if you’ve considering it,” he said.

“If you think about the downtown market, what makes it great is the lifestyle, restaurants, bars clubs, that stuff is shut down and it’s going to come back and it’s going to come back hard.”

While the market for houses will likely remain competitive in early 2021, the first few months of the year could be the time to find a deal for downtown condos, Wiens said.

“So you’ll still be looking at a discount if you buy downtown in March 2021, I believe,” Wiens said.

As for a price collapse, Wiens agrees that 2021 isn’t the year, pointing to the high demand.

“A bubble burst is not imminent. It’s just not going to happen. It’s really not.”


It’s a less rosy picture in Calgary. The pandemic arrived at a time when the city was still grappling with the repercussions of the struggling oil sector. Year-to-date sales were down nearly six per cent in October, despite a jump in sales that month.

Calgary-based agent Justin Havre pointed out that the average price for detached homes is flat in Calgary, at 0.74 per cent higher than in 2019. Fewer houses are being listed, with inventory down about 12 per cent.

The reason Calgary is facing challenges has a lot to do with the oil industry, Havre said.

“We experienced a bit of a double whammy because we’re very reliant on the energy sector here in Calgary, and we’ve been in a downturn since 2014, 2015 when oil prices collapsed. And so when they collapsed again, we were like, ‘Come on.’”

Based on economic indicators, such as Alberta having the second-highest unemployment rate in the country, Havre said he’s surprised the market is doing as well as it is.

“It’s very interesting that we’re seeing the activity that we’re seeing, and we’re pleasantly surprised,” he said.

The biggest drop in prices has been seen in the downtown condo market and luxury real estate over $1 million, Havre said. In one case, a house that sold for $11 million a few years ago sold in 2020 for $6 million — a staggering drop that Havre said suggests luxury buyers are simply not interested in making a move.

Looking ahead, he expects 2021 will be another tough for Calgary, with more struggling homeowners facing foreclosure in the first half of the year.

“The writing is on the wall with 21 per cent of mortgages being deferred. Many of those people deferred them because of loss of jobs,” he said. “If they haven’t been able to find employment, and then they haven’t been able to sell their property, foreclosure may be the unfortunate circumstance for some people.”

As for opportunities to buy, Havre echoed the sentiment that condos in the downtown core will likely see reduced prices for a little while.

“There will be some great opportunities for buyers in the downtown area,” he said. “But the pandemic has really made people think long and hard about what it’s like to live in apartment buildings. Do they feel comfortable living in such high-density environments when we are still in a pandemic?”


Montreal saw a major jump among all property types in 2020, with the city seeing a 32-per-cent leap in residential sales in November 2020 compared to November 2019. Median prices also jumped, with single-family homes up 17 per cent and condos up 14 per cent.

A limited supply of houses on the market helped fuel that price rally, with more buyers desperate for extra space competing for fewer properties, according to Montreal-based real estate agent Georges Bardagi.

The pandemic is also pushing people outside city centres, he said.

“So they say, ‘Why pay $500,000 for a 500-square-foot condo when for the same price I can have a pool, a basement office, and I don’t have to commute to the city anymore?’” he said.

Montreal’s condo market is a bit of an outlier, Bardagi said, compared to cites like Toronto and Vancouver. Prices in Montreal haven’t seen the same drop in price because Montreal simply doesn’t have the same number of condos.

“It’s still very much a growing market,” he said. “The demand for condos downtown has slowed down like everywhere else, but I think the effect is probably smaller in Montreal.”

While the emergence of the pandemic was expected to knock down housing prices, Bardagi suggested that, now, the opposite is true: as vaccines are introduced and the economy returns to normal, he suspects more people will feel comfortable listing their houses. With more properties on the market, housing prices should stabilize, he says.

“We expect Q1 and Q2 to be more of the same until a vaccine comes in and we come back to a somewhat more regular situation, which will probably be in the summer or next fall,” he said.

One factor that could make a major difference is when Canada decides to reopen the borders. Bardagi said he anticipates a surge of foreign buyers who’ve been waiting in the wings will flood the market.

“If that happens in the second half of 2021 or the first half of 2022, it’ll be a game changer,” he said. “There will be planes full of people who want to move here and buy here.”

Bardagi said it can sometimes be easy to forget how attractive life in Canada can be to outsiders, and that a new wave of international buyers could throw gasoline on an already burning real estate market.

“Besides winter and road construction, it’s a great place to live.”

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What are Canada's most affordable real estate markets? – Mortgage Broker News



What are Canada’s most affordable real estate markets?

Earlier this week, Mortgage Broker News examined recent data from Point2 Homes that says affordability has worsened in 38 major cities nationwide in 2020. But the data also contained a rather sizeable sliver of good news: homes remain affordable in a number of Canadian real estate markets.

While “affordable housing” has been defined by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation as when households spend less than 30% of their gross income on housing, Point2 found 10 Canadian markets where mortgages take up less than 15% of a household’s average income. Here they are:

10. Trois-Rivieres, QC
Benchmark home price (2020): $409,567
Average household income (2020): $121,216
Share of mortgage in average income (2020): 14.5%

9. Regina, SK
Benchmark home price: $322,624
Average household income: $104,036
Share of mortgage in average income: 13.3%

8. Winnipeg, MB
Benchmark home price: $259,722
Average household income: $86,003
Share of mortgage in average income: 12.9%

7. Sherbrooke, QC
Benchmark home price: $249,816
Average household income: $84,189
Share of mortgage in average income: 12.7%

6. Saguenay, QC
Benchmark home price: $274,150
Average household income: $94,646
Share of mortgage in average income: 12.4%

5. Oshawa, ON
Benchmark home price: $276,733
Average household income: $97,634
Share of mortgage in average income: 12.1%

4. Quebec, QC
Benchmark home price: $293,289
Average household income: $104,890
Share of mortgage in average income: 12%

3. London, ON
Benchmark home price: $316,789
Average household income: $118,868
Share of mortgage in average income: 11.4%

2. Windsor, ON
Benchmark home price: $253,678
Average household income: $95,287
Share of mortgage in average income: 11.4%

1. Halifax, NS
Benchmark home price: $212,410
Average household income: $83,869
Share of mortgage in average income: 10.8%

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Real estate expert guest speaker for Ladies Who Lead – Brantford Expositor



Article content

Sandra Rinomato, Toronto real estate broker/owner and former host of the HGTV shows Property Virgins and Buy Herself, will be the guest speaker at the Feb. 3 virtual meeting of Ladies Who Lead.

The online session will feature Rinomato sharing her story and diving into her book, Home Worthy. Her focus will be on providing education and support and empowering women to take a critical look at their ability to invest in real estate and work toward success.

Ladies Who Lead comprises women from different professions across Brantford, Brant County and Six Nations of the Grand River. The group provides networking opportunities and monthly meetings with guest speakers.

Women who own their own businesses are invited to apply for membership at

The membership fee is reduced to $100 to cover until June 30,

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Brandify Introduces Top Real Estate Professionals You Should Follow in 2021 – Financial Post



Dallas, TX, Jan. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The future of Real Estate does not just depend on the economic or political climate of the world, but also those that make up the industry as a whole. Much goes into the industry, further than one may imagine. Buyer and seller agents, mortgage and loan professionals, to elective roles such as interior designers and home inspectors. Each respective role offers its own unique value to the marketplace. 

With an eventful future to come, many have different outlooks on what the future of a trillion dollar market cap industry holds. Within the speculation, many wonder how the industry may change and what the future holds for many of the professional roles included. To better understand this, our organization has put together a list of what we believe to be some of the Top Real Estate Professionals you should follow in 2021. 

By reading this article we hope to build a stronger foundational thesis of what the Real Estate industry is doing to grow and adapt to the changing times we live in. Those featured come from various roles within the Real Estate Industry as well as different respective countries. 

Aaron Rian 

Aaron Rian is a Real Estate Professional at The Brokerage House Realtors, a real estate company with offices in Oregon, Washington. Idaho , Arizona, Texas, Utah, Florida, North Carolina, & South Carolina. Aaron’s roots are planted in Portland, Oregon, which helped him immensely during the start of his career as it allowed him to apply his knowledge of the area. Shortly after his career took off, Aaron branched out into new territory which, along with his unmatched work ethic, earned him elite recognition in the real estate industry. After just 5 years of work in the real estate industry, Aaron was named as a Top One Percent Portland Metro Realtor, a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Producer, “Top Real Estate Agent” awards from the Portland Monthly magazine in 2011 and 2012, and was also added to the “Registry of Business Excellence™” by America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals organization. His “work harder” mentality helped him understand and execute the necessary steps to outshine his competitors in the industry, leading to his position as a Top 30 Realtor in the world by Wall Street Journal in 2020. Racking up more than $2 billion in real estate sales, Aaron has high hopes and goals for the future. Moving forward, he will be working to sell more than 1,000 homes in the new year, as well as expand his organization deeper into Texas and Miami, Florida this year. To learn more about Aaron Rian and The Brokerage House Realtors, click here.

Sidra Subzwari

Sidra Subzwari is a leading professional in the refined world of luxury real estate. As one of the most respected names in top-tier real estate in British Columbia, Sidra is known for her commitment to integrity, innovation, and attention to detail. With a dazzling list of accolades, awards, and sales records, she is known, most of all, for her incomparable knowledge of the luxury marketplace, her acute ability to negotiate even the most complex transactions, and her particular talent for putting clients at ease. As a White Rock resident, Sidra has an intimate understanding of the community, and offers established connections to produce results while providing the highest level of customer service, courtesy and discretion. Together with her business partner, Mandeep Basi of Angell Hasman & Associates Realty, Sidra and team are looking forward to another record-breaking year ahead. Their latest project marketing division gives developers and financial institutions an unmatched advantage by providing insightful, and results-oriented, step-by-step guidance and support from site acquisition to final sellout for projects of all sizes, price points, and locations. “We are looking forward to another year of success and growth with our clients in 2021.” To learn more about Sidra Subzwari and Angell Hasman & Associates Realty, clickhere.

Desi C Rodriguez

Desi C. Rodriguez A.K.A. “Mr. Miami Real Estate” is a Real Estate Broker, Instructor and the Co- Founder of Strike Realty, a real estate company based in Miami, Florida. Accompanying his unmatched real estate experience in the city of Miami, Desi also recognized the lack of reliable and accessible real estate information, which led to him starting his own YouTube channel. On his channel, Desi interviews the top real estate professionals to ensure clients and individuals are getting the most reliable and current real estate information as possible. With new episodes released bi-weekly, Desi created a way for consumers to learn everything they need to know about real estate in an easily digestible manner. His goal is to educate as many people as possible to ensure they do not make poor real estate decisions. His work has been recognized in a multitude of ways, highlighted by being awarded Top 20 Under 40 in 2020 by the Miami Association of Realtors YPN and Million Dollar Guild Recognition by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. Desi’s non-stop creativity and passion is easily recognizable by his work and referral base, and he is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. His goal moving forward is to continue releasing high quality content on his YouTube channel to help buyers, sellers, investors and even new real estate professionals. His passion for helping others learn more about real estate has been the driving force behind his YouTube channel, and will continue to fuel his fire moving forward. To learn more about Desi C Rodriguez A.K.A. “Mr. Miami Real Estate” and Strike Realty, click here.

John Trautman

John Trautman is the Co-Founder of Real Estate Knowledge Institute (REKI), a real estate investment training company in Phoenix, Arizona. John and his team are seasoned real estate investors in all aspects of the industry, and strive to provide you with the best insight and advice for your needs. John bought his first real estate investment property at the age of 23, and has spent his entire life since then in the real estate business. After helping launch REKI, John ensured that the company offered wholesale, fix and flips, and commercial real estate such as office, retail, industrial and multi-family units. His team of professionals has helped him conquer and achieve great success in his career thus far, and he has expanded his team of investors to over 2,000. This growth earned John a spot on Inc 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies, and the satisfaction that his processes are effective and efficient. With enormous success under his belt, John is always looking for ways to improve his business and create more opportunity in the future. With 2021 underway, John is working diligently to grow his team in order to accomplish record numbers, and he plans to partner with students and other team members to create an elite system. Furthermore, John is looking to continue a build on a house his team bought to make another office that will home investors. He feels that if he is able to group his team members, they will be able to network and learn from each other. To learn more about John Trautman and Real Estate Knowledge Institute (REKI), click here.

John Krause

John Krause is the President and CEO of StarVox Capital, a commercial mortgage loan broker located in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Whether you are a first time investor or a seasoned one, John’s goal is to ensure you receive better service than any other mortgage loan company, with a multitude of lending options available. Operating with the understanding that if he treats his clients with the utmost respect and integrity, both he and his clients will make money. When John first started Starvox Capital, he saw 87% growth, which continued through the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since his start in the mortgage business in 2004, he has closed thousands of real estate loans, while both giving and receiving thousands of referrals. Ensuring he is ahead of all competitors, John is always educating himself on new lending options as they become available, giving his clients a wider array of options when they work with Starvox. After battling Cancer for the second time, John decided to start his own foundation called Team John Foundation, Inc., helping other Cancer patients and people experiencing sudden crises due to tragic events or illness. Moving forward, John is working diligently to expand Starvox across the country while adding more loan officers to his team of professionals. Furthemore, John is looking to raise more than $100,000 for his foundation to help even more people in need during these difficult times. To learn more about John Krause and Starvox Capital, click here. To learn more about Team John Foundation, Inc. please visit

Josh Stately Peters

Joshua Stately Peters is a Realtor and Founder of Stately Living, a real estate company in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Specializing in new luxury development properties, Joshua uses the proprietary platform he created to work directly with developers, builders, architects, and designers. After working over a decade in the real estate industry with executives, athletes, Fortune 500 company owners, and other high networth individuals, Joshua’s understanding of the luxury real estate market has transformed into his vast capabilities and knowledge today. After just 6 years of working on his own as an agent, he is the only realtor in Arizona with more than $100,000,000 in closings in a single year. In 2019, Joshua was also named Top 40 Under 40 in Real Estate, which comes as no surprise. Starting 2021, Joshua is eager to continue the exponential growth he has achieved, as well as continue to grow his team of professionals at Stately Living. With a new technology based brokerage that he co-founded, RETSY, Joshua’s plate is full of opportunity and potential moving forward. As the year progresses, he is focused on maintaining and fine-tuning the innovation, work ethic, and integrity that he instills in his work every day. To learn more about Joshua Stately Peters and Stately Living, click here

Max Hasman

Max Hasman is a Realtor at Angell Hasman & Associates (Malcolm Hasman) Realty, Ltd., a luxury boutique real estate brokerage in the Greater Vancouver area. Having just recently graduated with an International Business and Marketing Degree at the University of San Francisco, Max looks forward to continuing the traditions of excellence and achievement by representing the third generation of the Hasman real estate legacy. Max is a leading expert in the Vancouver area and luxury real estate market, while bringing energy, enthusiasm and a wonderful presence to everyone he meets. His strong belief in the power of mass marketing has resulted in online partnerships and collaborations with many of the world’s top Real Estate networks by becoming both affiliate members and advertisers. Each of their listings receives hundreds of thousands of views, worldwide engagement, and most importantly exposure for potential buyers and sellers on their tried and trusted marketing platform. Whether it be a $600,000 Condo or a $25,000,000 Waterfront Estate, their marketing and sales strategies always remain the same. The goal is to always get their clients the best price possible for their home. This has led Malcolm and Max to achieving $200 million in sales in 2020 alone. If you are serious about selling your luxury property, there is not a more effective or impressive marketing program available anywhere in the industry today. Confident that 2021 will be another record-setting year in the real estate industry, Malcolm and Max are continuing to excel and work hard as they believe that their exclusive clients and their wonderful properties deserve nothing less. To learn more about Max Hasman and Angell Hasman & Associates (Malcolm Hasman) Realty, Ltd., click here.

Carolyn Glazier

Carolyn Glazier, recognized as one of the Top 20 Real Estate Professionals in Canada has lived and worked in her community for over 30 years. Her trusted years in business has equipped her to listen, communicate, negotiate and execute well on her clients’ behalf. Specializing in luxury and ultra-luxury properties, Carolyn Glazier formed Capulet Properties at Angell Hasman where she assists her clients from the sandy beaches of White Rock and Crescent Beach to the rolling hills of South Langley. Through creative marketing campaigns and innovative technology, Capulet Properties’ luxury listings has become known to draw millions of views online establishing a global appeal. “Working in luxury real estate in this community is an honour. It enables me to custom tailor the marketing for a charming seaside home one week, and then develop a comprehensive international marketing strategy for a winery or equestrian centre the next” she says.   Regardless of the property type, positioning her clients’ homes as “best in class” is always the goal. “It’s this variety and the excitement of working with such diverse properties that I enjoy the most.” Lauded for her warm presence, tireless service and confidentiality, Carolyn has earned an outstanding reputation around the Fraser Valley. In particular, Carolyn is noted by all for her unmatched attention to detail. “Living and working here has been a privilege.” Despite these unprecedented times, she remains optimistic about the future of real estate in this highly sought-after part of the world. “I look forward to seeing what 2021 brings, we are off to a record breaking start.” To learn more about Carolyn Glazier and Capulet Properties at Angell Hasman and Associates, click here.

Daniel Beer

Daniel Beer is the Owner and CEO of Beer Home Team at eXp Realty, a residential real estate company in San Diego, California. With an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market in San Diego, Daniel has worked diligently throughout his career to develop and innovate more efficient ways to conduct real estate transactions. After developing his signature 5 Day Blitz™, Daniel has been able to sell more than 438 homes and $338 million in closed transactions in 2020 alone. Daniel has become a pioneer in the real estate industry by creating new ways to operate, ensuring his clients are satisfied and happy with their transactions from start to finish. His method has helped him sell more than 1,500 homes in the San Diego area, and helped rank Beer Home Team as one of the Top 50 Teams in the nation by The Wall Street Journal and Real Trends. He has also been awarded the 831st fastest-growing private company in America across all industries by Inc. 5000, and has been featured on Fox News, NBC, CBS, and ABC10. Daniel’s success thus far only marks the beginning of his journey in the real estate industry. Moving forward, he is working to improve on his methods and become even more efficient in the workplace, helping him maximize volume and profit. He is always looking for ways to be better and serve his clients better, and he will continue to innovate in the real estate business. To learn more about Daniel Beer and Beer Home Team in San Diego, click here

Joe Rea

Joe Rea is a Real Estate Broker and co-founder of the By Jesse and Joe Realtor Group, a top producing real estate company in Toronto, Canada. Joe is one of the leaders of a well seasoned team, with more than 15 years of experience in the real estate industry. As a veteran in the real estate industry and several thousands deals completed to date, Joe knows what it takes to lead a successful real estate team without lacking the efficiency and attention to detail during each transaction. Maintaining a strong online presence is something that Joe feels is important in order to market and network with different individuals, especially in such uncertain times. Furthermore, as a veteran of the industry, Joe is well versed in what it takes to ensure customer satisfaction as well as how to gain a competitive edge over other agents. By focusing on constant improvement, Joe has grown exponentially during each year he has been in the industry and has built a Top 30 Real Estate Team in Canada. With 2021 underway, Joe is working to continue providing a better customer experience, grow his online presence, and create innovative video content to grow his brand even more. Joe is also working on larger volume working closely with large developers and projects to make the By Jesse and Joe Realtor Group the one stop shop for all your real estate marketing needs. To learn more about Joe Rea and By Jesse and Joe Realtor Group, click here.

Eugene Marshall

Eugene Marshall is the Owner and CEO of Kreative Rents, LLC, a Real Estate Investor, Author, General Contractor and Podcaster located in Chicago, Illinois. As he focuses on low income housing within the southside of Chicago, Eugene’s passion for helping expand and provide safety in those low income areas has been the driving force behind his work. As a result, he is able to provide more economic opportunity for the residents in those areas, and ultimately help them live happier and healthier lives. Eugene is the epitome of a problem solver, which is clear to see in the fact that he has built a six-figure business in the past few years alone. At the young age of 23, he bought his first multifamily, and by 25 he became a general contractor and managed a $250,000 construction project. With 2021 well underway, Eugene has set high, yet attainable goals for the new year. He is focusing mainly on restoring distressed properties in the rough areas of Chicago, while providing more housing and landlords for the African American community. Eugene has confidence that the housing market in Chicago will continue to surge in the new year, Eugene is well equipped to handle the volume of work needed to give back and reach his goals. Finally, Eugene is working on creating a bigger network of professionals around him and becoming the best person he can along the way. To learn more about Eugene Marshall and Kreative Rents, LLC. click here.

John Kemp

John Kemp is an industry leader, educator and licenced Realtor at Keller Williams Elite Realty, serving Vancouver, Port Moody and the Tri-City area. John has been working at Keller Williams for over 10 years running a boutique business specializing in the finest properties and the best investment and development opportunities available for his client group. John has worked with one of the most well known offices in Canada, Keller Williams Elite Realty, and has spent additional time coaching and teaching as a member of faculty. Over his 10 plus years he has built strong relationships with the top professionals in the industry, helping John and his team reach new records and results unseen before. Confident in the real estate market in the Greater Vancouver Area, in the new year, John is looking to create more projects, sharpen his ability to serve and provide for his clients, and continue creating bigger opportunities. The combined forces of John and his team will be a strong reason 2021 is going to be a record breaking year for Keller Williams Elite Realty, and he is more ready than ever to deliver. Moving forward with consideration and improvement in his mind, John will continue to work on making the real estate process as easy and transparent as possible for his clients, helping make the experience better everyday. To learn more about John Kemp and Keller Williams Elite Realty, click here

Brett Carraway

Brett Carraway is a Real Estate Broker and Partner at Northstar Real Estate – The Carraway Team, a real estate company in Charlotte and Belmont, North Carolina. Leading The Carraway Team, Brett’s team of real estate professionals, has given him the challenge and opportunity to control a high-volume sales and service team at Northstar Real Estate. Priding himself on working for the best interest of his clients, Brett’s passion and dedication to everyone he works with is clear to see. Brett’s work has shown that he is one of North Carolina’s best real estate agents, and has earned awards such as one of the Top 10 Real Estate Agents in N.C. for client satisfaction, 2017 Charlotte Real Producers Rising Star, 2017 Five Star Professional Rising Star, Elevate Lifestyle 2018 Top Male Real Estate Agent, and RE/MAX Platinum Club award. He has also been featured in Top Agent Magazine Nationwide & International Luxury Edition and was named to Marquis Who’s Who in America. He has also been listed as a Top 100 Real Estate Agent in the Charlotte region. His unsurpassed loyalty and commitment to his clients has served him well thus far, and he is nowhere near the end of his career. Moving forward, Brett will continue working on expanding his team and growing his platform, as well as helping more and more families buy and sell their homes. Furthermore, Brett is looking forward to creating innovative ways to market his business by improving his exposure on social media. To learn more about Brett Carraway, The Carraway Team, and Northstar Real Estate, click here

Andres Munar 

Andres J. Munar is the co-founder of Keystone Alliance Mortgage which is a successful mortgage brokerage that helps families build wealth and make lasting memories through the American Dream of homeownership. Andres sees the mortgage as a powerful financial tool to set his clients up for not only financial success but also happiness in life. The team at Keystone Alliance Mortgage believes that providing unmatched service and a fun experience to their clients, referral partners, team and community is their secret to their fast growth. They have created a safe and inclusive atmosphere that promotes personal and professional growth along with a commitment to excellence. Success in business to Andres J. Munar means putting the client’s needs first while ensuring that their team has success in business, life, and the community. Andres Munar evaluates the mortgage industry in 2020 as the opportunity to lead positive change and to position his company to grow. One of the biggest challenges Andres Munar has faced in business thus far has been old limiting beliefs that held him back for so many years. With his renewed mindset, he is inspiring people from all walks of life that a dream life is only a few decisions away. As for what is next for Keystone Alliance Mortgage, they just opened their commercial division and started a podcast called the CoLab that helps entrepreneurs and solopreneurs collaborate for success. Megan and Andres just launched their broker fast track program to help mortgage professionals open up their own business in just 90 days. To follow along with Andres Munar and his business, click here.  

Megan Marsh

Megan Marsh is a Team Leader and the Co-Founder of Keystone Alliance Mortgage, a mortgage company based in Pennsylvania.  After launching the company, Megan experienced the greatest growth when she changed her business structure  by going from “Me” to “We” with the addition of new team members and a business partner, Andres Munar. Keystone ALliance Mortgage took off when they made the decision to partner with others and put serving others above all else, mainly helping other loan officers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. The change in their business opened doors she never knew existed, including expanding into other locations, new product divisions, a podcast and courses that serve other professionals. As a 7 figure entrepreneur herself, Megan learned what it takes to become successful in the business world through an outstanding work ethic and non-stop innovation. Her work has earned her many awards in the industry, but only one outshines all others. It wasn’t until Megan stepped outside of her comfort zone until she realized her true potential.   Leaving her dream job in New York City, becoming a fully commission based loan officer, and starting a business while she was pregnant took true grit and the ability to overcome the many doubts that were thrown at her along the way. It was these actions which forced her to push fear and judgement aside, that turned out to be the most rewarding decisions of her professional career, and the ones she is most proud of. With the start of 2021 underway, Megan has great plans to evolve as a professional. Her goal for 2021 is to help at least 25 other loan officers hit their personal and financial goals, which Megan and Andres plan to do through their podcast, The Co Lab, and their new program, “My Broker FastTrack”.  To learn more about Megan Marsh and Keystone Alliance Mortgage, clickhere.

Alan Calimbas

Alan Calimbas is a Real Estate Agent and Founder of VANCITY 4 SALE, a real estate company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Alan prides himself on connecting with his clients, ensuring that they feel all their needs have been met and their expectations have been surpassed. By working very closely with his clients, Alan believes that he is able to help each and every client achieve their real estate goals. Operating with innovative, knowledge-backed strategies, he creates a tailored experience for his clients unlike any other agent in Vancouver. His unique approach to business has helped him achieve $50 million in real estate transactions and more than $140 million in team sales in just 4 years alone. Following the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alan saw a major shift in the real estate market with consumers looking to leave major cities and settle in suburban residential areas. Moving forward, with a vaccine released, he feels that another shift will occur and people will start to gravitate back towards condos in the heart of the city again as restrictions begin to loosen and when the pandemic is on the way out, deep into 2021 and into 2022. Also with the Canadian government recently changing the immigration policy for the upcoming years, he believes there will be a rise in foreign buyers as more permanent residents will be welcomed when the borders re-open. By following these trends, Alan ensures that he stays ahead of the game and can anticipate where the market will shift in the near future to better prepare his client’s positions and investments. Looking further into his career, Alan is focusing his energy on advancing the growth of his business while remaining innovative and eager to learn from the best in the industry. With a forward-thinking mindset, he is always developing new marketing strategies to maintain his social presence both physically and online. To learn more about Alan Calimbas and VANCITY 4 SALE, click here.

Jonathan Rachman

Jonathan Rachman is the Founder and Principal of Jonathan Rachman Design, an interior design company based out of San Francisco, California, with active involvement all over the world. Jonathan Rachman Design offers a unique experience with highly customized service and a white glove experience for clients. Jonathan was born in Sumatra and attended school in Switzerland, which gave him global perspectives and international design inspirations. When designing, Jonathan combines goods and styles from all parts of the world, which has helped him become one of the greatest interior designers in the world today. Working with high profile clientele, Jonathan has become the go-to for high end interior design, and was named one of the Top Interior Designers of The Americas. His work has been published in ELLE Decor, Vogue, The English Home, Travel+Leisure, Harper’s Bazaar, Dolce, LUXE Interiors + Design, and many more. His most recent work has been focused on designing a light fixture collection for a notable company in the industry, as well as his own fragrance and candle line. This collection features stunning packaging in collaborations with de Gournay, the London-based bespoke hand-painted wall covering company. Starting 2021, Jonathan is working to continue designing both domestically and internationally, while completing his first design monograph, Currently Classic, to be published by Flammarion of France.   He recently also published his first memoir: The Garlic Peanut Story and is working on producing a movie based on the memoir.   With his plate full of opportunity and potential, Jonathan is confident that focusing on his multi layered business platform and design   will allow him to grow his name and business even more going forward. To learn more about Jonathan Rachman and Jonathan Rachman Design, click here.

Dan O’neil 

Dan O’Neil is the founder of “The O’Neil Team” at signature premier properties l in Long Island, New York. When Dan graduated from Coastal Carolina University in 2016, he decided to pursue his passion in real estate in the very place he grew up in. Due to his immersion and exposure in the area, Dan has an unmatched expertise in the real estate market of Long Island. His unique approach to marketing with viral listing videos separates him from his competitors as he incorporates enthusiasm, energy, and passion in everything he does. Treating every one of his clients with the utmost integrity and professionalism, his devotion to real estate and service has set Dan up for great success and recognition in the field. In 2019, he was named Top 20 Under 40 in New York, top 30 under 30 nationally, recognized as the top 5 agents to watch on social media and featured in the Wall Street journal. Dan is also the youngest agent in Long Island to sell more than $50 million in real estate in one year. With over 200 transactions under his belt, Dan was also the youngest agent to earn more than $1 million in gross commission. Dan and his team are also big believers in giving back, with more than $50,000 in donations to philanthropic organizations and  families in need and grown his team from 1 to 11 agents . Looking into the near future, Dan is working diligently to improve his operations and business. Currently, he is focused on giving back to more families in need, growing his team to the national level, and continuing to grow his online presence through social media and his listing videos. His forward thinking mindset helps Dan better himself constantly while innovating in the real estate market and providing positive influence on everyone around him. To learn more about Dan O’Neil and The O’Neil Team at Signature Premier Properties, click here.

Satbir Singh Mahil

Satbir Singh Mahil is a Real Estate Agent at City2City Real Estate Services Inc., a full service real estate company located in Surrey, British Columbia. Providing the highest quality service, with emphasis on professionalism and integrity, Satbir and his team work day in and day out to   ensure their clients get the best experience in the area. After graduating from The University of British Columbia with a degree in Real Estate Development, Satbir immediately started studying the market trends of the Vancouver area to get ahead of the game. He constantly looks for innovations and changes in the industry to keep a leg up on his competitors, and it has paid off. Each client that works with Satbir gets the best possible price which helps ensure they are happy and satisfied with their purchase or sale. Satbir’s work has proven that he has put in the hours, and he has been recognized as one of the Top 10% Agents in the Greater Vancouver Area after just two years in the industry. Confident that 2021 will be another great year for the real estate business, Satbir has great plans to build upon his success thus far. Moving forward, he is working diligently to seek new members for his team that will help him reach higher sales volumes and more families find and sell their homes. Furthermore, Satbir is finding new and better ways to market his brand and business to gain more exposure through different platforms. To learn more about Satbir Singh Mahil and City2City Real Estate Services Inc., click here

Jeff Similien

Jeff Similien is an experienced and knowledgeable commercial and residential broker in Massachusetts, specifically the Greater Boston area. Jeff is the founder and CEO of Boston Trust Realty Group Commercial, LLC. located in the heart of Mattapan Square. BTRG guides business owners into making informed decisions when selling, purchasing, or leasing commercial real estate properties. Through his years of experience, Jeff has cultivated meaningful relationships with business owners in the community. Jeff has brokered several transactions with major franchises such as Papa Johns, Dunkin Donuts, Frugal Furniture and Boost Mobile. However, Jeff’s focus and true passion has always been working with small business owners and guiding them through the often biased commercial real estate industry. Jeff is a Curry College alumnus with a degree in Business Management. In 2017, he obtained his Real Estate Broker License, enhancing his ability to fully service his clients. Jeff is also licensed in the states of Rhode Island, New York and Georgia. In 2019, Jeff completed the Real Estate Design, Construction and Project Management Course at Boston University. His years in the field and previous sales experience allows Jeff to identify customer needs and use data to  negotiate  commercial deals. In addition to real estate, Jeff is passionate about developing his community. He strongly believes that success lays in creating generational wealth through financial freedom. He recently founded The Co-Pad, a collaborative co-working hub for entrepreneurs in the Mattapan, Dorchester and Hyde Park area. Jeff also mentors high school and college students as well as young athletes in the importance of owning and investing in real estate. Jeff volunteered with YouthBuild Boston, an international program that provides underserved young people the support and credentials needed to successfully enter the building trades. He taught young men about business, personal development and entrepreneurship. As a former college football player and semi-pro player with the Boston Bandits football team, Jeff has sponsored Athletes Without Borders and has traveled to volunteer to teach low-income children in Costa Rica how to play football. Jeff is the CEO and Founder of Lowkey Dispensary, a black owned   marijuana dispensary in Dorchester, the very same community he grew up in. He is using his platform to  create career opportunities in the cannabis industry. In addition, Jeff intends to continue his work in the community by partnering and sponsoring local community organizations that cater to the youth. With the start of 2021 underway, Jeff is looking to help more individuals become real estate owners, as well as continue helping friends and family with their real estate decisions. By always learning and educating himself, Jeff has great hopes for the expansion and potential of BTRG Commercial, as well as personal growth of him and his team. To learn more about Jeff Similien and Boston Trust Realty Group Commercial, clickhere.

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