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Real estate transfers July 24-30 – Massillon Independent



Bethlehem Township

Austin David & Sherry from Hostetler Timothy Lee & Gibson Veronica, 5026 Sherman BLVD SW Lot #278, $38,000. 

Billick Reid from Thompson Anthony & Mary, parcel 1100943 Uganda Pkwy, $4,400. 

Hudson Tina & Manning Mitch from Sutara Rose M & Brenden J & Alexander J, parcel 1100278 Tanganyika Trl, $5,100. 

Hughes Jack E & Julia from Barkheimer Realty Ltd, 30 Main St S, $120,000. 

Jaeger Steve & Sharon from Maurer Raymond A, parcel 1100786 Safari Trl, $7,500. 

Jaeger Steve & Sharon from Maurer Raymond E, parcel 1100785 Safari Trl, $7,500. 

Logan Shawn R & Christina A from Foltz-Albrecht Marlene, parcel 1100661 Safari Trl, $20,000. 

Tanksley Michael from Cronick Sandi & Cronick Donald Jr, parcel 1100505 Cameroon CT, $10,000. 

Canal Fulton

Gaffney Sean & Mcdonald Kevin P & from Sykut Adam A, 1612 Locust St NW, $187,900. 

Hartman Craig from Fultz Daniel R & Tiffani A, 341 Alexis LN, $350,000. 

Millhoff Matt from Rupert James, 377 Stonewood St, $154,000. 

Rodgers Susan E Trustee from Starke Sheila Trustee of the Sheila Star, 354 Alexis LN, $289,000. 

Jackson Township

Baker Vicki L from Lebeau Gordon E, 5143 Westwind Cir NW, $210,600. 

Barkett James L & Phyllis I from Cronick Susan K Trustee, 5654 Rex Dr NW, $545,500. 

Bennett Brenda K & Travis N from King Iva M, 4487 Forest Glen NW, $240,000. 

Berry Jeanne A Ttee from Kerschner Jeffrey A & Maureen, 8339 Forest Ridge St, $340,000. 

BG Custom Homes Inc from Ohio Vedic Homes LLC, 6016 Springlake Rd NW, $123,025. 

Caldwell Michael J & Jennifer L from Boyce Kenneth L & Jill L, 8400 Portage St NW, $627,710. 

Carmine Aaron from Palmer Jeffrey G, 4612 20th St NW, $145,000. 

Dixon Denise E Trustee from Braun John v, 8693 Scotsbury Glen St NW, $545,000. 

Gesiotto James P Trustee from Joseph Mary, 6611 Glengarry Ave NW, $715,000. 

Hampu George R & Anne L from Hoover Robert B Trustee of the Hoover Fa, 4854 Pond Dr NW, $220,000. 

Jeffries Mark A Jr & Tucker Stefanie from Intech Property Management LLC, parcel 10009178 Lake O Springs Ave NW, $195,000. 

Johnson Christopher L & Linda L from Ferrante Christine K & Laurenti Billie K, 7128 Fieldmont St NW, $195,000. 

Lombardi Douglas & Stacy from Richardson Bruce A Trustee, 3315 Cornwall Dr NW, $300,000. 

Mcdonnell Gary W & Nichole from Ross Storm, 2976 Coldwater Ave NW, $343,000. 

Premier Homes Inc from Burch Mark E & Huffbarbara K, 3721 Bel Air Ave NW, $128,000. 

Rowlands Shayne E & Cheryle J from Lombardi Douglas P & Stacy, 5820 Portage St NW, $139,000. 

Scotsbury Builders Group LLC from Braun John v, parcel 10014213 Scotsbury Glen St NW, $85,500. 

Shape Catherine A & Vincent M from Overdorf Jody J & Shawn M, 6615 Blendon Ave NW, $301,500. 

Slaughter Mark R & Susan E from Hite Brent D & Kelsey J, 4815 Echovalley St NW, $210,000. 

Tozzi Jordan G & Alivia R from Coblentz Nathan R & Alea S, 8843 Scotsbury St NW, $415,000. 

Vlasaty Zachary & Nicole from Severt Samuel J & Meredith A, 4188 Ranier Ave NW, $223,000. 

Waldorff Valerie A from Monaco Nathan A & Aimee B, 4866 Ranier Ave NW, $402,500. 

Wayble Steven G & Adrianna from Byham Michael J, 7101 Pinelane St NW, $210,000. 

Weich Eric J from Hewitt Stephanie L, 4463 19th St NW, $175,000. 

Lawrence Township

Able Property Management LLC from Lint John E, 15011 Lawmont St, $57,750. 

Able Property Management LLC from Lint John E, parcel 2400658 Lawmont St NW, $57,750. 

Cernik Michael J from Cernik Michael J & Schlipp Edward J, 5779 Manchester Ave NW, $102,300. 

Covey Brandon R & Lasorella Brittany N from Hinerman Deloris J, 11900 Mill Race St NW, $195,000. 

Frank David M & Barbara J from Frase Stephanie M, 8635 Mardel Ave NW, $181,220. 

Lukovski Scott from Bialis Debra, parcel 10001322 Butterbridge Rd NW, $78,000. 


Barreto Hansel from MD Enterprises of Apple Creek Inc, 1050 State Ave NE, $138,000. 

Brown Dianna from Kohl Joshua D, 1222 2nd St NE, $175,000. 

Crabtree Ryan M & Marie from Muhlbach Barbara L Trustee, 2714 Mill Ridge Path, $315,000. 

Flowers Daniel H from Hitchcock Oneda D, 1351 3rd St SE, $60,000. 

Fries Nathan from Eberhardt Todd P & Brian C, 1238 Rodman Ave NE, $60,500. 

Holland Betty J Ttee from Gamary Jennifer K, 1232 Walnut Rd SW, $160,151. 

Howard Brandon from Rich Corazon, 1720 Nutmeg Cir NE, $200,000. 

Laughlin Justine Renay from Reiter Janet M, 948 Wales Rd NE, $107,000. 

Marazza Susan E from Lindsay Fred M, 1124 20th St SW, $248,500. 

Ranft Nicholas G from Emig Jerilyn, 421 16th St NE, $145,000. 

Sanders Erica from the Aem Services LLC, 88 23rd St NW, $155,000. 

Shelton Annie from Newstetter David J, 1109 Duncan St SW, $62,000. 

Tafoya Jeremy R from Trotter Otis, 1200 13th St SE, $70,000. 

Tailwind Massillon MHP LLC from Oh 3354 Hilton St NW Massillon LLC, 3354 Hilton St NW Lot 21, $30,000. 

Turn Two Investments LLC from Richards Charles W, 433 6th St NE, $73,000. 

Wilson Veronica L from Sedlak Alyssa M, 3115 Lincoln Way NW, $125,000. 

Perry Township

Clair Gabriella A from Rama Rental Properties LLC, 1309 Delaware Ave SW, $133,000. 

Cochran Michael J & Jennifer R from Bartolone Joseph E & Rebecca M, 233 Proudley Ave SW, $155,000. 

Cunningham Matthew & Boone Beverly from Mcdonald Richard K & Lisa R, 316 Genoa Ave SW, $149,000. 

Cunningham Matthew & Boone Beverly from Treharn Kami, 322 Victoria Ave NW, $149,000. 

Defilippo Stephen v Et Al from Defilippo Stephen v &Solvey Carla M & Ka, 4829 14th St SW, $20,000. 

Defilippo Stephen v Et Al from Defilippo Stephen v Et Al, 4829 14th St SW, $5,000. 

Defilippo Stephen v from Defilippo Stephen v Et Al, 4829 14th St SW, $5,000. 

Difrancesco Matthew P & Carrie L from Winn Aaron B & Kelly L, 1754 Clearbrook Rd NW, $260,000. 

Eberhardt Construction LLC from the Aem Services LLC, 130 Rowmont Rd SW, $32,500. 

George Daniel R & Sharon L from Morris Roger N and Patricia E, 1189 Jackson Ave NW, $215,500. 

Henry Noah R from Clark Frank Properties Ltd, 146 Elmford Ave SW, $153,000. 

Hershberger Mary S from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA, 7030 Gauntlet St SW, $252,620. 

Humes Richard & Belinda J from Barkheimer Realty Ltd, 4456 Richville Dr SW, $157,000. 

Iler James W from M Laps Land LLC, 219 Wrexham Ave SW, $75,000. 

JLR Rental Properties LLC from CJB Rental Properties LLC, 1620 Cedarcrest Ave SW, $225,000. 

Lawver Jessica M & Thomas L Jr from Rufo Teresa & Economos Lenette J, 600 Meadowridge Ave NW, $207,500. 

M Laps Land LLC from Iler James W, 212 Wrexham Ave SW, $35,000. 

Mongiardo Michael J from Burns Constance, 614 Meadowridge Ave NW, $102,000. 

Moscariello Joseph Michael & Vanessa from Hill Michael L & Rebecca L, 523 Kolpwood Ave NW, $168,000. 

NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA from R L Deville Holdings Ltd, 4396 Pioneer Cir SW, $47,900. 

Pugh Vida from Cochran Michael & Jennifer, 2251 Saratoga Ave SW, $144,000. 

Sawyers Jacquelin E from Kestel Matthew A & Julia M, 4900 2nd St NW, $100,000. 

Simon Jordan M & Kalaya from Jep Properties Ltd, 916 Pheasant Grove Ave NW, $200,000. 

Stanford Marnita & Dennis from Weiford Mindi M, 6035 Wynnbrook Rd SW, $154,000. 

Tailwind Massillon MHP LLC from Mcfee Richard J, 3354 Hilton St NW Lot #36, $1,000. 

Tailwind Massillon MHP LLC from Oh 3354 Hilton St NW LLC, 3354 Hilton St NW Lot #30, $1,200. 

Tailwind Massillon MHP LLC from Oh 3354 Hilton St NW Massillon LLC, 3354 Hilton St NW Lot #15, $1,000. 

Tailwind Massillon MHP LLC from Oh 3354 Hilton St NW Massillon LLC, 3354 Hilton St NW Lot #26, $1,600. 

Tailwind Massillon MHP LLC from Oh 3354 Hilton St NW Massillon LLC, 3354 Hilton St NW Lot 20, $30,000. 

Tailwind Massillon MHP LLC from Oh 3354 Hilton Street NW LLC, 3354 Hilton St NW Lot 10, $1,000. 

Uphouse Christina M & Combs Laura K from Wilson Sara, 2830 Chippendale St NW, $180,000. 

Wadding Austin Lee & Tori Sue from Brown Kelly P & Amy C, 3619 Bunker Hill St NW, $197,500. 

Sugarcreek Township

Hershberger Rentals LLC from Lucas Craig A, 118 Main St E, $55,000. 

Lowe Stephanie S from Bennett John & Zetta, 460 First St SW Lot #67, $11,500. 

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Canadian Real Estate Prices To Fall More Than Expected: Desjardins – Better Dwelling – Better Dwelling



[unable to retrieve full-text content]

Canadian Real Estate Prices To Fall More Than Expected: Desjardins – Better Dwelling  Better Dwelling

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B.C. ‘clear’ there’s not enough housing as Vancouver encampment ordered dismantled



VANCOUVER — British Columbia’s acting attorney general says the province was “clear” with Vancouver officials that the Crown corporation responsible for subsidized housing does not have enough spaces available for people who are being told to dismantle their tents along a street in the city’s Downtown Eastside.

Murray Rankin, who is also minister responsible for housing, says housing is a human right, and the “deeply concerning scenes from Hastings Street demonstrate how much more work we have to do to make that a reality for everyone in our communities.”

Rankin in a statement Friday says BC Housing has accelerated efforts to secure new housing for encampment residents including pursuing new sites to lease or buy and expediting renovations on single-room occupancy units as they become vacant.

He says BC Housing is aiming to make a “limited number” of renovated units available next week, with more opening later in the fall.

Vancouver fire Chief Karen Fry ordered tents set up along Hastings Street sidewalks dismantled last month, saying there was an extreme fire and safety risk.

Police blocked traffic Tuesday as city staff began what’s expected to be a weeks-long process of dismantling the encampment but little had changed by the end of the week with most residents staying put, saying they have nowhere to go.

The city has said staff plan to approach encampment residents with “respect and sensitivity” to encourage the voluntary removal of their tents and belongings.

Community advocacy groups, including the Vancouver Area of Drug Users and Pivot Legal Society, have said clearing the encampment violates a memorandum of understanding between the city, the B.C. government and Vancouver’s park board, because people are being told to move without being offered suitable housing.

The stated aim of the agreement struck last March is to connect unsheltered people to housing and preserve their dignity when dismantling encampments.

The City of Vancouver may enforce bylaws that prohibit structures on sidewalks “when suitable spaces are available for people to move indoors,” it reads.

The province is not involved in the fire chief’s order or the enforcement of local bylaws, which prohibit structures on sidewalks, but it is “bringing all of BC Housing’s resources to bear to do what we can to secure housing for people, Rankin said.

“I recognize the profound uncertainty and upheaval people impacted by the fire order are facing, and we will provide updates on this work as we have news to share,” he said.

Rankin, who had been serving as minister of Indigenous relations, was appointed acting attorney general after David Eby stepped down to run for leadership of the B.C. NDP.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Aug. 12, 2022.


The Canadian Press

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Mismanaged real estate deals land B.C. lawyer two-month suspension – Business in Vancouver



Mismanaged trust accounts have landed a ban on residential real estate conveyancing for a B.C. lawyer.

A Law Society of BC tribunal panel has suspended Surrey lawyer Serf Grewal after determining he unintentionally misappropriated tens of thousands of dollars of trust funds.

Grewal was found to have committed several breaches of law society rules, largely related to real estate. As such he’s also been barred from future residential real estate conveyancing.

“The proven misconduct,” stated the society, “includes unintentional misappropriation of slightly over $42,000 of client trust funds, due to trust shortages and accounting errors, mishandling of a further $3,770 of client trust funds which resulted in a trust shortage that he did not report to the law society, improper withdrawal of $5,500 held in trust for fees before delivering bills to the client, failure to comply with accounting obligations over a four year period, and improperly commissioning an affidavit by not personally witnessing the attestation.”

Grewal’s suspension was said to be curtailed from what may have been a longer one, granted there was “evidence establishing that none of Grewal’s misconduct arose from dishonesty or deliberate misconduct for personal gain.”

As well, “the panel also considered evidence of a clear connection between Grewal’s misconduct and mental health issues related to childhood and personal trauma, and that the consequences flowed from his decision to report that trauma,” noted the society in a statement Aug. 10.

Grewal was also ordered to undertake trust account supervision and educational courses.

He claimed his annual income was in the range of $45,000 to $50,000 and so the tribunal panel afforded him 16 months to pay $9,000 in costs.

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