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Real estate transfers June 26 – July 2 – Massillon Independent



Bethlehem Township

Hoover Jerry & Nancy from Burkhart Andrew & Cydney, parcel 1100192 Safari Trl, $5,300. 

Penick Michael D Jr & Danielle from Snyder James G, parcel 1001007 Woodlake Cir SW, $7,500. 

Seibert Terry L & Penny D from Rootring George A &Lynn L Trustees, 908 Market St NE, $85,000. 

Stantz Donald P from Stantz Donald P & Reicosky Steven L, 103 Canal St W, $35,000. 

Yoder Brandon J from Henry Eva O, 8200 Fohl Rd SW, $125,000. 

Zimmerman Michael A & Twila D from Taylor James L & Mary K, 9819 Elton St SW, $430,000. 

Canal Fulton

Fahrni Pharm LLC from Linmark Enterprises LLC, 977 Cherry St E, $300,000. 

Hawthorne Gary J & Brenda S from Harwich Laurie, 91 Forge St, $155,000. 

Martin Justin T & Jessica from Gramse John M Trustee/ Jag Irrevocable T, 873 Colonial Ave, $307,000. 

Partlow Frances from Cleland Mark J Trustee of the James P CL, 912 Shackleton Dr, $194,000. 

Powell Myrissa A from Allman Barbara J, 721 Tamwood Dr, $195,500. 

Russell Kent L & Nancy L from Ruehling Judith A, parcel 9502730 St Helena Dr NW, $400,000. 

Jackson Township

Ashley Joseph A & Lauren M from Barnett Tyler W, 631 Leecrest St NW, $200,001. 

Chung Hanh Duc & Quyen Hue from Berkshire Farms LLC, 7306 Greenview Ave NW, $96,900. 

Diana Timothy Lee & Kathrine Elaine from Swensgard Brett E Successor Ttee, 7110 Corniche St NW, $245,000. 

Diaz Leslie E & Fisher Kathleen from Kellamis Daunia, 5368 S Island Dr NW, $680,000. 

Dougherty Brian P from Rand Esther L, 4577 Morgate Cir NW, $150,000. 

Ganz Kathryn & Petrus Nicholas from Fink Max & Lisa, 8492 Portage St NW, $270,000. 

Joy Lauren E from Butera Shannon C, 3589 Pinehurst Ave NW, $265,000. 

Kari Henriette Sally from Maxsam Investments LLC, 3335 Jackson Park Dr 11B, $205,825. 

Keith Jeffrey A & Jimsey F from Ruwadi Brain D, 6565 Culpepper St NW, $455,000. 

Kitson Samuel Douglas from Pettigrew James A &Vicki D, 4154 Sunquest Cir NW, $251,000. 

Lee Daniel E & Swallen Mary Catherine from Pemberton Matthew N, 7131 Shady Hollow Rd NW, $399,000. 

Lush Properties LLC from Windows of Heaven Foundation, 5459 East BLVD NW, $500,000. 

Lustig Todd C & Amy M from Wengerd Susan I, 9270 Shady Trail NW, $140,000. 

Mason Kenneth C II & Meghan S from Trennell Paul & Helen, 3959 Bramshaw Rd NW, $369,000. 

Mossor Joan Marie from Lemons Douglas, parcel 1602901 Fleetwood Ave NW, $25,000. 

Nervo Taylor v & Conner Jacob W from Fearon Michael J & Norma J Co Trustees O, 2973 Carie Hill Cir NW, $317,940. 

Popa Daniel E from Manning Ralph E & Jo Ann, 5611 Comanche St NW, $185,000. 

Rose William W & Whitaker Danielle from Hamstra Jeffrey L & Heather, parcel 10013514 Emerson Cir NW, $105,000. 

Snyder Dennis L & Linda K from Wiedlebacher Eric S & Monette J, 8816 Lake Bluff St NW, $380,000. 

Swan Alexander W from Harvey Michael & Hannah & Frank H Jr, 4561 Rohrdale Ave NW, $140,000. 

Thunder Holdings LLC from Gallucci Rosemary & Rufo Matthew G Co TT, 3463 Harris Ave NW, $175,000. 

Walsh Thomas & Alexandra from Harbaugh Lorraine, 1844 Woodlawn Ave NW, $195,000. 

Lawrence Township

Helms Eric & Samantha from Helms Edward J & Lenora, 8834 Indian Hill Cir NW, $160,000. 

Russell Kent L & Nancy L from Ruehling Judith A, 12445 St Helena Dr NW, $400,000. 

Venditti Elizabeth from Stanford Dennis R & Marnita K, 14821 Cenmont St NW, $146,000. 


Asplin Nathan A from Woods Harvey A & Denise L, 2866 17th St SW, $220,000. 

Asplin Nathan A from Woods Harvey A & Denise L, 2870 17th St SW, $220,000. 

Auctus Properties LLC from 1370 Sanders LLC, 1370 Sanders Ave SW, $324,500. 

Davidson Chancler from Stark Ronald F & Jill L, 1919 Vermont Ave SE, $110,000. 

Greegor David from Witmer Melvin, 906 Niles St SW, $145,000. 

Hill Angela R from Edmonson David P & Patricia S L/E Hill, 725 Milburn Rd NE, $106,750. 

Home at Last Properties LLC from Knopp Phyllis I, 941 10th St NE, $85,200. 

Lippert Robert L Jr from Shuck Loomis A, 1202 Duncan St SW, $61,000. 

Mcdonald Donald R & Jeanette from Blackhawk Investments LLC, 2339 Lincoln Way W, $98,500. 

MD Enterprises of Apple Creek Inc from Tocor Investments Ltd, 2611 Erie St S, $73,500. 

Milenkovski Metodija from Ledgewood Investments LLC, 1746 Oak Trl NE, $125,000. 

Murgatroyd Larry J & Rebecca L Trustees from Wilson Ronda M, 720 16th St NE, $111,200. 

Obes Agustina from Barkheimer Realty Ltd, 19 Edwin Ave SE, $1,000. 

R&W Home Improvement LLC from Langley David C & Lynne M, 4862 Sippo Reserves Dr NW, $36,000. 

Rightside Investments LLC from Stewart Arnold R, 319 Valleyside Cir NE, $100,000. 

Scharver Joseph P & Wayman Chelsea M from Rodocker Ryan, 624 24th St NW, $162,500. 

Stevenson William from Epm Properties LLC, 539 29th St NW, $137,000. 

Thomas Lisa M & Webb Judith A from Bruce Rental One Inc, 802 Warren St SW, $115,650. 

Waicak Jeffery S from Lunsford Joey M, 521 Tremont Ave SE, $12,000. 

Webb Jordan Dale & Robson Jamie Lee from Stanford Alan E & Kimberly A, 1715 Woodruff Ave NW, $195,000. 

Weinland Samuel & Jackson Emily from Kreiger Ryan A, 2144 Main Ave W, $118,000. 

Whitt Christina Marie from Blackhawk Investments LLC, 605 Wellman Ave SE, $91,000. 

Perry Township

Baugh Kevin F from Berg Dorothy A, 1130 Singing Brook Ave NW, $210,000. 

Bischoff Michell J & Savannah from Cornerstone Real Estate Holdings Ltd, parcel 4308202 Wynnbrook Rd SW, $6,500. 

Erie Avenue LLC from Smith Stanley L, 6201 Fairacres St SW, $120,000. 

Evans Robert E & Diana L Ttees from Koepf Linda M Trustee of the Miller Irre, 2936 Fasnacht Cir NW, $165,000. 

Grosschmidt Virginia L Ttee from Amato Stephen L & Mary K, 2429 Ashwell Ave SW, $324,900. 

Hinamon William J from Ferrell Hattie M, 1128 Manor Ave NW, $175,000. 

Hooper Katelyn D from Gillard Diane L, 4517 Tioga St NW, $119,900. 

Knapp Stephen from Ehret Cortney J, 313 Ingall Ave NW, $100,000. 

Kuller Janet from Noggle Jeffrey W & Karen L, 1003 Norwich Ave NW, $192,000. 

Mac’s Convenience Stores LLC from Kooshtard Property VII LLC & Coutar Rema, 6341 Navarre Rd SW, $1,056,273. 

NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA from Dehoff Agency Inc, 6079 Longview St SW, $60,000. 

NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes from R L Deville Holdings Ltd, 6955 Gauntlet St SW, $47,895. 

Quinn David J & Jill A from Huntsman Cynthia M, parcel 10013357 Klick St SW, $92,400. 

Ulrich Robert P from Morales Kathryn A, 181 Gnau Ave SW, $40,000. 

Whitehurst Amber & Quinn from Dash Residential LLC, 335 Eden Ave NW, $160,000. 

Pike Township

Davy Jeffrey & Laurie from Selby Gregory S, 9237 Oak Ave SE, $150,000. 

Jones Anthony S & Cynthia M from Bevington Diana Lynn, 2275 Farber St SE, $240,000. 

Kinnerson James M & Annemarie from Mowery Steven E, 2225 Kingsbury Dr SW, $4,000. 

Sugarcreek Township

Davis Brandon M & Rager Stephanie from Kamban Landon & Pietro James, 180 4th St SE, $135,000. 

Davis Brandon M & Rager Stephanie from Kamban Landon & Pietro James, parcel 7001443 4th St E, $135,000. 

Menyes John D & Donna Marie from Jordan Dennis C, 11327 Crestline St SW, $325,000. 

Tuscarawas Township

Csokmay Joseph from Ries Joseph & Elizabeth, 12056 Lochwood St SW, $250,000. 

Feijoo Tony & Corina S from Triplett Kerry & Stephenie, parcel 10003293 Poorman St SW, $19,000. 

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Artificial intelligence is taking over real estate – here's what that means for homebuyers – CNBC



Brick-and-mortar real estate may seem like the only tangible thing left in an increasingly virtual world, but it too is being taken over by artificial intelligence.

Some of the biggest names in the business, such as Compass, Zillow and LoanSnap, are now employing AI to help find buyers the perfect mortgage and the perfect home. And for real estate agents, it may already be a game-changer.

Most real estate data is public, from land records to title documents, purchase price and even mortgage liens. The trouble was it was an onerous process to go to local offices and obtain all the information. Not anymore. Computer algorithms can now go through millions of documents in seconds, looking through property values, debt levels, home renovations, and even some of a homeowner’s personal information.

At LoanSnap, a San Francisco-based mortgage lender, AI is used in various steps of the mortgage process, from finding the perfect loan type for a borrower to finding the right investor for the loan.

First the borrower’s financial information is put in. Then the system “takes all that information, forecasts it out into the future and looks at thousands and thousands and thousands of options,” said Karl Jacob, CEO of LoanSnap. “That’s different ways of paying off debt, different loan options, and this is one of the first times AI has been turned into something that helps consumers versus harms consumers.”

And for refinances, he said, “We’re building a financial model for someone, and showing them exactly how much money they’re losing on a monthly and yearly basis, and then showing them how they could potentially fix that issue and save money in the future. Again, in seconds.”

Jacob admits that pretty much every company now claims to use AI in some respect but said not all are really applying it to its full potential.

“Ninety-five percent of it is rhetoric, right? It’s a popular term. People glom on to things like that and say, ‘Oh yeah, we use AI too.’ AI is actually machines thinking and/or looking at possibilities that would not have been looked at before,” he added.

So AI can be helpful for borrowers, but it also seems like the holy grail for real estate agents hunting for listings in today’s ultra-competitive housing market. The supply of homes for sale has hit several record lows since the start of the pandemic, when buyer demand suddenly took off. Agents are desperate to find new listings, and AI is providing a new entrance.

“The traditional agent would go knock on the doors of a lot of homes. Now AI helps you find the homes that are most likely to sell in the next 12 months, and it does so by triangulating all the data associated with the home, like when the home last sold, how long the owner has occupied the home, what rate the home sells at in that particular area,” said Joseph Sirosh, chief technology officer at Compass, a real estate brokerage.

AI “triangulates all of that information to predict which home is likely to come for sale, so the agent can now approach that homeowner, offer his or her services, and have a much higher probability.”

Sirosh said Compass agents have a 94% higher chance of winning a potential listing they target with AI than not. Agents can supposedly price the home more exactly and target marketing more specifically.

For those searching to buy a home, all the data available can also help them to find exactly what they’re looking for, rather than touring house after house.

Using Compass’ AI, they can evaluate the price of their property in comparison with other properties in the market, search for specific types of homes in ultra-specific locations, input desired square footage of indoor and outdoor spaces and then get immediate alerts when something hits the market.

Zillow recently upgraded its popular home price Zestimate,” claiming it now uses neural networks, or machine learning comparable to how the brain works.

“In the case of the Zestimate algorithm, the neural network model correlates home facts, location, housing market trends and home values. As a result of this update, the Zestimate can now react more quickly to dynamic market conditions, providing homeowners with a more accurate estimate [prediction] of a home’s current value,” according to a Zillow release.

The company is now incorporating this new learning into its direct cash-offer homebuying business, Zillow Offers.

So far, the Zestimate is an initial cash offer on about 900,000 eligible homes across 23 markets.

“With this latest update and increased Zestimate accuracy, the number of homes eligible for a cash offer will likely increase by 30%,” according to the release.

AI is not doing anything that traditional research couldn’t accomplish, but it does accelerate the process dramatically, which in a fast-moving and ultra-competitive market, is crucial to these businesses.

“AI allows you to go to the self-driving dimension, which is AI outsources the heavy lifting that’s associated with a real estate transaction: the complex data, compliance, the paperwork, the finding of the home, the negotiation, the offers. I think that really makes a transaction go much faster. It is simpler, and it’s often cheaper,” said Sirosh.

With this speed, he said, artificial intelligence can conquer the most human component of any real estate transaction: stress.

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Dartmouth real estate market strong, realtor reports | Dartmouth – Dartmouth Week



[unable to retrieve full-text content]

Dartmouth real estate market strong, realtor reports | Dartmouth  Dartmouth Week

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What About $8 Million Buys In Real Estate Around The World – Forbes



When it comes to luxury real estate, location is key. From properties with French alpine to Pacific Ocean views, these luxury listings take advantage of their picturesque settings. 

French alpine chalet 

Location: Courchevel Le Praz, France 

Price: $7.542 million (EUR 6.36 million)

This wood-filled chalet overlooks the ski slopes from an expansive living room with a fireplace and an adjacent south-facing terrace.

The six en-suite bedrooms all have terraces. A closed-in area features a pool and spa, along with sauna and massage room.

It is listed with Aurore Lucido of FGP Swiss & Alps.

Creek views in Colorado

Location: Aspen, Colorado

Price: $8.3 million

This ranchette home, remodeled in 2017, sits on a hillside overlooking Brush Creek Valley, the Snowmass ski area and Hunter Creek. The main home, which features antique 19th-century French Provincial/Mediterranean doors, has three bedrooms and 2.5-bathrooms. Features include a pantry with a custom wine cellar. A large outdoor entertaining area comes with a wraparound stone deck. 

A two-story accessory dwelling unit, built in 2005, houses an art studio and kitchen on the first floor and one bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen on the second. A three-car garage comes with a full bath.

It is listed with Stephanie Redmond of Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate.

Spanish island villa

Location: Son Termes, Bunyola, Mallorca, Spain 

Price: $8.241 million (EUR 6.95 million)

This villa sits surrounded by nature on the island of Mallorca. The 12-bedroom, nine-bathroom stone residence has classic Spanish architecture, shaded outdoor sitting areas and a modern swimming pool. 

It is listed with Antonio Ribes Bas of Inmobiliaria Rimontgo.

Historic oceanfront in Santa Monica

Location: Santa Monica, California

Price: $7.75 million

Designed and built in 1910 by architect Robert D. Farquhar, this three-bedroom home sits just off the Santa Monica Bluffs, with views to the Pacific Ocean. The home has been reimagined with luxurious finishes, including white oak flooring and custom automated shades. The kitchen features custom two-tone Italian cabinetry and stone countertops and Wolf, Sub-Zero, and Miele appliances. The bathrooms include luxe fixtures by Brizo, Rohl, Newport Brass and Toto. 

This home features a patio and the ground level and a deck on the second floor comprising more than 1,000 square feet of private outdoor space. 

It is listed with Bjorn Farrugia of Hilton & Hyland.

FGP Swiss & Alps, Hilton & Hyland, Inmobiliaria Rimontgo and Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate are exclusive members of Forbes Global Properties, a consumer marketplace and membership network of elite brokerages selling the world’s most luxurious homes.

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