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The 4 Elements of a Perfect Company Christmas Party



With the holiday season right around the corner, Canadian companies start to think ahead to the big end-of-year bash. Especially after the two past years – the isolation of which has been challenging for many employees – this year’s celebration needs to be perfect.

The perfect Christmas party requires balance. It needs to wow and comfort in equal measures. It needs to be a break from the ordinary while still providing people with a pleasant environment to unwind. In other words: the perfect Christmas party comes together with a few critical elements.

In this article, let’s explore the four elements of a perfect Christmas party. If you haven’t booked these pivotal components yet, get started right away.

Quality Catered Food

Catering is the cornerstone of any successful corporate bash – and that’s particularly true at Christmas. Good food serves several functions. It’s a token of gratitude for a year of hard work, a communal ritual around which to celebrate the season, and, (if one’s being honest), a much-needed accompaniment whenever alcohol is involved!

Need a recommendation? Try McEwan Catering based in Toronto: Helmed by a talented celebrity chef with a knack for diverse cuisines, McEwan Catering strikes the right balance between chef-led sophistication and comfort. Plus, they accommodate several dietary restrictions, so you can keep everyone happy.

A Swanky Venue

Employees see the office every day. (Worse yet, during COVID, they see their home office every day). To signal that this is a break from work – a night free of business obligations and mundane responsibility – choose a swanky venue.

Need a recommendation? Consider the rooftop of a tall building. The pandemic is still ongoing, and some employees will certainly appreciate the outdoor setting for safety. Plus, rooftops often provide scenic urban views that add to the ambience. Because it’s December, that will mean investing in heat lamps, fire pits, complimentary blankets and gazebo coverings. This article offers a few more key considerations when choosing a venue.

Support Staff

Your employees shouldn’t have to lift a finger. Remember: this is the opposite of work for them. To ensure that every facet of the evening is taken care of, hire a robust support staff.

Quality catering companies like the aforementioned McEwan Catering arrive with direct-to-venue catering and an experienced team to execute service. But you may also need to hire bartenders, coat check services, ticket-takers, and an event planner to oversee the entire thing.


Last but not least, your perfect Christmas party needs entertainment. While dancing, speeches and a great catering company can each provide entertainment in their own right, consider going above and beyond. Luckily, you have several ideas to choose from here:

  • Stand-up comedians
  • A for-charity casino corner
  • Live music (like Christmas carolers, a string quartet or rock band).
  • Magic acts
  • Engaging games (like axe throwing, trivia or a lawn bowling corner)
  • And much more

Ultimately, you know your audience best. You know whether the employees at your workplace would prefer button-up entertainment like a jazz band, or more casual entertainment like parlour games.

To recap, a perfect party needs four elements working in sync: chef-inspired catering, a wow-worthy venue, helpful support staff and irresistible entertainment. ‘Tis the season to start planning, so book your ideal elements now!


U.S. to revoke terrorist designation for Colombia’s FARC, add breakaway groups



The United States will revoke its designation of the Colombian group the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia as a foreign terrorist organization on Tuesday while designating two breakaway groups as such, a senior State Department official said on Friday.

A review of the terrorist listing – required every five years under U.S. law – found that the leftist organization known by the Spanish acronym FARC should no longer be listed, The official said.

But the two dissident groups that have formed out of FARC, La Segunda Marquetalia and FARC-EP, or People’s Army, would be designated as foreign terrorist organizations, the official said.

“It’s a realignment to address these current threats,” the official said. “The FARC that existed five years ago no longer exists.”

Founded in 1964, FARC was responsible for summary executions and kidnappings of thousands of people, including Americans.

On Tuesday, Reuters reported that the United States was preparing to remove FARC from the list five years after the group signed a peace agreement with Bogota.

The State Department notified the U.S. Congress on Tuesday of its planned delisting of FARC. The Colombian government was formally notified on Wednesday.

The government of Colombia did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The decision will allow U.S. government agencies like the U.S. Agency for International Development to work on peace implementation in parts of Colombia where demobilized FARC soldiers are located, the official said.

“This is a priority for the Colombian government in the implementation of the peace agreement,” the official said.


(Reporting by Daphne Psaledakis and Simon Lewis in Washington; Additional reporting by Oliver Griffin in Bogota; Editing by Mark Porter and Leslie Adler)

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Tunisian police say they shot, wounded extremist trying to attack them



Tunisian police on Friday shot and wounded an extremist who sought to attack them with a knife and cleaver in the capital, authorities said.

The 31-year-old man, whose identity was not disclosed, shouted, “God is great. You are infidels,” as he ran toward police officers near the interior ministry, the ministry said in a statement.

Witnesses and local media said police shot the man in the leg and arrested him. The man, who was previously labelled an extremist by the government, was taken to hospital and is being investigated by an anti-terrorism unit, officials said.

Tunisian security forces have thwarted most militant plots in recent years and they have become more efficient at responding to those attacks that do occur, Western diplomats say.

The last major attacks in Tunisia took place in 2015 when militants killed scores of people in two separate assaults at a museum in Tunis and a beach resort in Sousse.

(Reporting by Tarek Amara; Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky, Frances Kerry and Cynthia Osterman)

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At least 19 killed in bus crash in central Mexico



At least 19 people were killed and 20 more injured on Friday when a passenger bus traveling on a highway in central Mexico crashed into a house, authorities said.

The brakes on the bus, which was heading to a local religious shrine in the state of Mexico, failed, according to local media reports. State authorities did not disclose the possible causes of the accident.

Assistant state interior secretary Ricardo de la Cruz Musalem said that the injured had been transferred to hospitals, including some by air.

The state Red Cross said 10 ambulances had rushed to the area.


(Reporting by Sharay Angulo; writing by Laura Gottesdiener)

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