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Using Social Media to Connect with Your Most Loyal Customers – Harvard Business Review



Executive Summary

Many brands are struggling to capture value from their loyalty programs and trying to figure out how to best use social media to communicate with these customers. Some companies have even set up distinct social media accounts for their programs. For these efforts to be successful, companies need to know how to use social media to drive sales from members. Research of one company’s social media posts shows that certain types of communication are more successful. After rating over 3,500 posts on particular dimensions and connecting those posts to sales, the study authors found that relational and intellectual posts were most effective in driving sales for loyalty program customers, while behavioral posts drove more sales from non-loyalty program customers. Sensory and emotional posts weren’t effective with either group in our study. Companies can use these dimensions when deciding on how to best communicate with loyalty program members.

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More and more companies have loyalty programs — and for good reason. A recent industry report showed that loyalty program members not only spend more and remain customers longer but they are also more likely to spread positive word of mouth. This helps explain why we’ve seen a proliferation of programs (we’ve seen new programs popping up across sectors like cosmetics, fast foods, and hotels). Target, for example, launched their Target Circle loyalty program ahead of this year’s holiday shopping period, after extensive test marketing showed increased spending for program members compared to those who were not enrolled.

Given that loyalty program members tend to be a brand’s most valuable customers — and are already several steps into their journey with a brand— companies need to consider how they are communicating with them across different channels. Our research (paper is in progress) shows that social media in particular can make loyalty programs more effective in driving sales, but only if done right.

We analyzed social media messages and the impact on loyalty program and non-loyalty program online sales for one company, a European operator of snow tourism resorts. We started by scoring 3,500 of the company’s Facebook posts using the five dimensions of brand experience. Each post was rated by social media experts on each of the dimensions. Relational posts make a connection beyond the recipient, for instance encouraging the use of product together with others, or as part of a tribe of interested consumers. Intellectual posts prod the recipient to engage in conscious mental processing, perhaps through humor, problem solving, or creativity. Posts that are high on the behavioral dimension include activity or interaction with the product or service. Sensory posts stimulate the senses and could involve breathtaking images or shocking multimedia content. Finally, emotional posts attempt to generate moods or feelings in the recipient. Once the posts were scored, we then analyzed the efficacy of each dimension in driving sales to loyalty program and non-loyalty program customers.

Which Dimensions of Social Media Experience Were More Effective?

We found that relational and intellectual posts were most effective in driving sales for loyalty program customers, while behavioral posts drove more sales from non-loyalty program customers. Interestingly, sensory and emotional posts weren’t effective with either group in our study.

Relational messages connect the recipient to a larger community around the product or service, strengthening a feeling of belongingness. Posts rated high on the relational dimension tend to illustrate inclusiveness or the connections between people. Because loyalty program customers have an ongoing relationship with the brand, they appear to be more open to relational themes, whereas non-loyalty program customers may be less drawn to relational messages from brands which they are not already strongly connected. One particularly effective post from the resort we studied promoted family-focused resort activities, with imagery of cross-generational connections. Loyalty program sales associated with this post were 210% more than expected based on the resort’s typical ratio of loyalty program to non-loyalty program sales.

Intellectual posts were also more effective with loyalty program customers. These customers are more invested in the brand and are therefore more likely to put forward the mental effort to engage mindfully with a detailed, intellectual post. One of the resort’s posts rated high on this dimension included a comprehensive list of festival activities with a stylized map, which requires careful consideration and processing from the recipient. This post resulted in an 85% increase in loyalty program sales compared to expectations. Members-only retailers such as REI and BJ’s Wholesale often take advantage of intellectually demanding posts by including detailed product content (and in REI’s case, outdoor lifestyle content). These posts require investments to both produce and consume the content, but brands see the value, knowing that their curious members are looking to deepen their brand relationship.

Behaviorally-themed posts can be effective with both customer groups, but were most effective in driving non-loyalty program sales in our study. These posts typically require less mental energy to process and encourage non-loyalty customers to visualize how they might interact with a product or service. One specific resort post that was rated high on the behavioral dimension mentioned leaving for the weekend and getting out to the slopes, with imagery showing a familiar behavior: getting off the chair lift. This post led to an 82% spike in non-loyalty program sales compared to expectations. One possible implication of this finding is that newer brands, who don’t yet have a large base of loyal customers, could focus on behaviorally themed messages in their social media with easily relatable messaging around physical interaction with the product or service to drive sales from not-yet-loyal customers.

The resort’s posts that were rated high on sensory and emotional content weren’t effective in driving sales from either customer group. This may be because the social media environment is a metaphorical screaming match, with a variety of posts vying for viewer attention. “Turning up the volume” through striking visuals or multimedia in this already over stimulating setting wasn’t an effective way to reach either group of customers. Similarly, emotional content that appealed to customers’ feelings did not effectively drive sales from either group. This may be because browsing social media can be emotionally exhausting, so further taxing customers’ emotions doesn’t work.

Many brands are struggling to capture value from their loyalty programs and trying to figure out how to best use social media to communicate with these customers. Some companies have set up distinct social media accounts for their programs. For example, Marriott’s newly launched Bonvoy program has very active social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which are run separately from Marriott’s flagship accounts. This allows Bonvoy to focus on content that loyalty program members value.

While our findings are based on the social media activity and financial results from one company (and we haven’t yet proven that they apply to businesses operating in very different domains), they provide digital marketers with some clues on what works and what doesn’t — and gives them a language to consider and communicate desired characteristics for their content. When trying to drive sales from loyalty program customers, think through what might be most effective (relational and intellectually themed content) and what could fall flat (attempting to shock the recipient with sensory or emotional content). And then post accordingly.

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Halifax police, school investigate attack on student in social media video – Global News



A video showing several teenagers attacking another student at the Halifax Common surfaced on social media on Friday. Halifax police and the regional education centre say they are investigating the “very disturbing” incident.

The incident, involving students from Citadel High School, occurred Thursday afternoon after class.

The video circulating on social media shows three teenagers walking behind a student. After the student lays on the ground, a second student is seen stomping on his head. Another individual filming could be heard egging the fight.

“The school has spoken with everyone involved and the aggressors and their families know there are consequences for those actions, even though it happened off school property,” says Doug Hadley, spokesperson for the Halifax Regional Centre for Education.

Read more:
Two people dead after early morning fire in Hilden: N.S. RCMP

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The school has also contacted police, who have confirmed they are investigating the incident.

“Halifax Regional Police would like to confirm that we have received reports of an incident captured in a video involving a physical altercation between some youths,” HRP said in a news release Friday night.

“We can confirm that we have an ongoing investigation into this matter. Due to the age of the parties involved, we are unable to provide specific details.

“We would like to assure the public that we take the matter seriously and are taking all necessary steps in this ongoing matter.”

Early Saturday afternoon, Citadel High School principal Joe Morrison released a statement saying the incident is being taken seriously.

“We were made aware of the incident on Friday and spent considerable time addressing the situation.

“Late Friday afternoon, we became aware that a video of the incident was circulating on social media,” Morrison wrote.

“We also learned there is a narrative circulating suggesting the person on the ground has special needs. This is not the case and distracts from what actually happened.”

Click to play video 'Surveillance video shows RCMP officers after shooting at Nova Scotia fire hall'

Surveillance video shows RCMP officers after shooting at Nova Scotia fire hall

Surveillance video shows RCMP officers after shooting at Nova Scotia fire hall

As for the student attacked, authorities say he is doing fine and attended school on Friday, but that doesn’t change the seriousness of the incident.

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“It’s very disturbing for anyone who’s seen it, so it’s a matter of great concern for everyone who is involved,” Hadley says.

He is also pleading for everyone to stop sharing the video of the attack.

“It’s sharing a video of someone being attacked, and they’re being filmed without their consent, and so every time we share that it can lead to further victimization,” Hadley says.

“It can be harmful on many different levels,” he says, adding that there is also an issue of reputation. “This might be reflective of the larger community when in fact we know that not to be true, and that Citadel High and its students have many things to be proud of.

“But there’s also a feeling that there’s a risk, that others might think that’s acceptable behavior when it’s clearly not.”

Police say the investigation into the incident is ongoing and the school has stated that there will be consequences for the students involved.

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March 6th Media Release – Brandon Police Service



March 6th, 2021

Brandon Police Service Media Release for the Past 24 Hours.

Theft Under $5000

A male youth was arrested on Friday afternoon for Theft Under $5000. A report was received from a business in the 900 block of Victoria Ave of a male stealing $300 in electronics from the business.   The suspect was identified and located on Friday afternoon. He was arrested for the theft and released to appear in court in May.

Fail to Comply with Release Order

A male youth from Brandon was arrested on Friday for breaching two conditions of a release order. On March 4th, he attended to his ex-girlfriends residence contrary to a condition of the order. He was also not located at his residence and was in breach of a second condition. He was located on Friday, arrested and held for remand. 

Break and Enter Warrant executed

A 33 year old Brandon man was arrested on a warrant for Break Enter and Commit Mischief. The man was located in the 1900 block of Brandon Ave and arrested on the warrant. He was released to appear in court in May.


A male youth from Brandon was arrested on Friday afternoon on charges of Assault and Defamatory Libel. The accused assaulted a female by striking her with a stick while they were skating. The accused had also spread rumours that the victim was sharing nude photos with him. He will appear in court in May.

Breach of Release Order/Obstruct Police Officer

On Friday evening officers responded to a report of an intoxicated man causing disturbance in the 900 block of Victoria Ave. The man was located nearby and he was found to be on a court order with a curfew of 9 pm. The man was arrested and lodged. A second man who was the first man’s father interfered with the investigation and was arrested and charged with Obstructing a police officer. The two man, an 18 year old and 42 year old, both residents of York Landing Mb were lodged and later released to appear in court in April.

Other arrests

A 48 year old Brandon man was arrested on a warrant for Assault, Possession of Property Obtained by Crime and Failing to Attend Court. He was released to appear in court in May.

A 29 year old Brandon was arrested on an arrest for warrant for Breach of Probation. He was released to appear in court in May.

A 35 year old woman from Waywayseecappo turned herself in at the police service on Friday as she was aware of a warrant for her arrest. She was arrested and released to appear in court in May.

V.W. (Bill) Brown #114, Staff Sergeant

NCO i/c D Platoon

204 729 2319


Anyone with information on any unsolved crime is asked to call Brandon Crime Stoppers at 204-727-(TIPS) 8477, or by texting BCSTIP and your message to CRIMES (274637).  Crime Stoppers pays up to $2000.00 cash for information that leads to the solution of a crime.


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Social Media Buzz: Crypto Mogul Bids $2 Million for Dorsey Tweet – BNN



(Bloomberg) — What’s buzzing on social media this morning:

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder and chief executive, is selling his first-ever tweet — “just setting up my twttr”– on a website called Valuables that auctions tweets. The highest bid is $2 million as of Saturday morning in New York, by Justin Sun, the Chinese crypto entrepreneur who earlier won an auction for Warren Buffett’s charity dinner.

  • Valuables said on its website that owning any digital content can be a “financial investment, hold sentimental value, and create a relationship between collector and creator,” just like an autographed baseball card.
  • The website, launched three months ago, allows people to purchase a digital certificate of a tweet, which can be issued only once and signed by the creator using cryptography. The tweet itself will continue to stay on Twitter.

Microsoft is trending on Twitter after a report shows a China-linked hack affected at least 30,000 organizations across the U.S., including small businesses and local governments. The hackers exploited previously unknown flaws of the software. Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, said the incident is an “active threat” and could have “far-reaching impacts.”

The Senate is on track to pass President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus bill as early as midday Saturday after a compromise reduced added unemployment benefits to $300 a week, one of several ways moderate Democrats shaped the bill to be less generous than the House version.

  • Biden has moved rapidly to shape his the image of his presidency, drawing obvious contrasts with Donald Trump. The president starts his days with an early morning workout in the gym of the White House residence, watching MSNBC or CNN, and doesn’t read Twitter unless someone shows him a tweet, Bloomberg News reported.

A trending op-ed on The Washington Post said, “If you’re upset about Hunter Biden, Elaine Chao should send you into fits of rage.” The author argued Republicans have been much more muted when it comes to the matter of the former transportation secretary and wife of Mitch McConnell.

  • Chao attempted to include members of her family, who run a shipping line, on an official government trip in apparent violation of ethics rules, a report by The Transportation Department’s Inspector General found earlier.

Reddit said it’s investigating elevated error rates Saturday morning after some users reported they have problems opening the website.

©2021 Bloomberg L.P.

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