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Major Upcoming Trends for the Online Gambling Industry In 2020



Over the past two decades, online gambling has been ideally snowballing, mainly owing to the steady rise of both the internet as well as multiple technological advancements. Essentially, the internet is home to innumerable casinos boasting millions of players across the globe.

In 2020, the online gambling industry is expected to hit a massive $60 Billion in worth. And with the internet growing even more impactful, the competition among various casinos is set to grow fiercer with softwares also expected to more innovative than ever before.

Every year is rocked by various monumental technological innovations that inspire new projects and fresh ideas to the market, something expected to continue this year. So, what precisely is to be expected this year when it comes to online gambling, and how is technological progress set to impact the world of gambling this year?

Below is a list of some of the most exciting trends you can expect in 2020

1. Mobile and Social Gambling set to get even better.

Owing to the popularity of the distinct games now available on various social media websites, online casinos ideally went on to quickly include various social features within their games.

In consequence, players can now enjoy interactions with other players through participating in social slots, leader boards, challenges, among much more. Ideally, with new technology being adopted, social features will grow better, and many more casinos are set to use this concept.

Coupled with the significant social media surge, we witnessed the rise of mobile gadgets, and while mobile phones have been around for some time, mobile gambling has only gained popularity in the last few years.

Now, gamblers can effectively play on the go, and go on from where they left off while on their computers, as well as gain access to various casino games previously only accessible on their desktops.

Mobile gadgets are set to be a massive game-changer within the realms of gambling, attracting massive investments going forward. In 2020, over half of the globe’s population will own a smartphone!

Subsequently, numerous online casinos are already developing mobile apps, and we, therefore, should expect to see all other casinos going the mobile-friendly way. Moreover, game developers seem also to be aligning their productions with the same, with many of the new slots being produced being mobile-friendly.

2. More Payment Options

Currently, most of the significant online casinos allow a wide array of payment technologies and methods, and this number is continually growing every day. This is primarily because new techniques come up every year.

This year will not be any different, and we, therefore, expect to witness new payment solutions like Google Pay and Apple Pay also join the available payment options in most casinos.

Nowadays, the number of players opting for cash transactions when depositing grows lesser and lesser. Various methods like cryptocurrencies and e-wallets are increasing in popularity, and numerous online casinos are now accepting crypto-deposits. Multiple casinos are working distinctly with typical blockchain payments and don’t take any other methods.

This year, we expect to witness the growth in the number of typical crypto casinos.

3. New Gambling Rules and Regulations

Online Gambling is quite a profitable and significant industry as the $6 Billion projected figure outlines. However, as ComeOn and other major affiliate marketing brands-who promote various casino websites and brands across the world-outline, it can get even with better laws and regulations in place.

In 2020, we are set to the adoption of several new gambling regulations.

Problem gaming has in recent times, become an emerging concern, particularly in the European Space. Consequently, several countries have introduced various new regulations concerning online gambling, with more nations expected to do the same.

The Netherlands, for instance, is set to open its market to foreign operators after the adoption of new gambling laws at the start of 2020. Ideally, this means that the Netherland gambling market will effectively open in 2021.

Also, the distinct European Organization for Gaming Regulation is also set to adopt changes to its specific money-laundering laws. In essence, this will place online casinos under stringent control and may mandate casinos to get additional licenses.

With respect to players, it may lead to fewer welcome bonuses and promotions, not to mention more explicit conditions and terms that most of the players will gladly welcome.

In the USA, there are changes expected, especially with e-Sports betting and online gambling. In 2020, we should expect to see many more nations that permit online gambling within their borders.


Essentially, in 2020, the online gambling industry is expected to continue its remarkable growth, a year that is turning out to be quite an exciting one for the industry.

While you may notice that several of these trends, as mentioned above, have been around for a while now, they are, however, beginning to garner more attention and popularity within the industry.

Also, they are slowly evolving into entirely different concepts. With technology fast and continually changing, the online gambling industry is sure to have a thrilling year 2020!

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Scientists say our galaxy is probably colliding with its closest neighbour



As if COVID-19, murder hornets and having to confront the painful ennui that is human existence weren’t enough, 2020 is now offering us a cosmic calamity as well.

Scientists have found probable evidence that our galaxy has begun to collide with Andromeda, its closest neighbour.

Using the Hubble Space Telescope, an American research team found that the mostly gaseous “halos” around Andromeda and the Milky Way are overlapping each other.

Their findings, which were published last week in The Astrophysical Journal, provide the most detailed glimpse yet at Andromeda’s halo and the first evidence that it is touching our galaxy.

Halos at the edge of galaxies contain gases created by supernovas within the galaxy, some of which may be used in the formation of new stars.

Lead researcher Nicolas Lehner, an astrophysicist at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, said in a press release that Andromeda’s halo has two distinct components, which combine to extend approximately two million light-years beyond the galaxy.

“We find the inner shell that extends to about a half million light-years is far more complex and dynamic,” he said.

“The outer shell is smoother and hotter. This difference is a likely result from the impact of supernova activity in the galaxy’s disk more directly affecting the inner halo.”

Only small parts of the outer halo are in contact with the Milky Way, however. Lehner’s team found that most of the halo extends for about 1.3 million light-years – much farther than previous estimates, but only about half the average distance to our galaxy.

Scientists have not been able to calculate the depth of the halo of any other galaxy, not even our own. However, Lehner’s team says the measurements it recorded of Andromeda’s halo leave them confident that it and the Milky Way’s halo have “likely” made contact.

It is well established that the two similar-sized galaxies are on a collision course, and will eventually merge to form one large galaxy. This will have far-reaching effects, with more than one trillion stars being flung into different orbits.

There’s no reason for anybody alive today to fear the collision, though, as the merger is estimated to be at least four billion years away and will take another three billion years to complete.

By that time, the sun will have turned into a red giant star and grown large enough to engulf the Earth – making everything 2020 has thrown at us seem like child’s play by comparison.

Source:- CTV News

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