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Media Release – September 19, 2022 – Guelph Police –



Cambridge female arrested for Guelph robbery

A Cambridge female faces several charges after a Guelph store was robbed early Monday.

Approximately 1:25 a.m. the Guelph Police Service was called to a business on Woodlawn Road West. A female had left the store with approximately $250 worth of product. When a staff member followed in an attempt to stop her, the female uttered a threat and brandished what was believed to be a needle.

Police checked the area and located the female behind a nearby business. A 35-year-old Cambridge female is charged with robbery, assault with a weapon, possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose and uttering threats. She was held for a bail hearing Monday.

Male arrested for indecent acts

A Guelph male was arrested after he was observed committing an indecent act Friday near an elementary school.

Approximately 10 a.m. police were called to the area of a school just outside the downtown. Staff had observed a male on the edge of the school property with his hands down his pants and masturbating. He was confronted by staff and left the area.

Three hours later police received a report of a male exposing himself and masturbating in the area of Dean Avenue and Talbot Street. He was observed by two females. The description of the male in both incidents was similar.

Just before 1 p.m. the male was located and arrested. A 31-year-old Guelph male is charged with two counts each of committing an indecent act and breach of probation. He was held for a bail hearing and has been released to appear in a Guelph court October 7, 2022.

Impaired, break and enter charges laid

A Rockwood female faces impaired driving and break and enter charges following an incident in Guelph Friday evening.

Approximately 9:20 p.m. police were called to an address in the area of Grange Road and Auden Road. Investigation revealed a female known to the homeowner had shown up and let herself into the residence before slapping another female and refusing to leave.

During the investigation the suspect, who had driven to the address, was exhibiting signs of impairment and was arrested.

A 58-year-old Rockwood female is charged with break and enter and impaired operation. Her driver’s licence was suspended for 90 days and her vehicle was impounded for seven days. She will appear in a Guelph court October 7, 2022.

Cutting off tracking monitor leads to charges

A male who removed an electronic tracking monitor faces several charges.

The male is bound by bail conditions including a condition that he wear a monitor to track his location. On Saturday morning the company that monitors the technology notified the Guelph Police Service it had received a tamper alert.

Just after 9 a.m. the male was located on Carden Street and was not wearing the monitor, which was found in a nearby garbage can. It appeared to have been cut off.

A 22-year-old Guelph male is charged with two counts of breaching a release order and mischief under $5,000. He was held for a bail hearing Monday.

Three charged with impaired on Sunday

Three motorists were taken off the road for impaired driving on Sunday.

Just after 2 a.m., Guelph Police Service officers observed a vehicle leaving a licenced establishment on Silvercreek Parkway South at a high rate of speed. Officers followed and eventually were able to conduct a traffic stop.

Officers believed the driver had alcohol in his body and requested a breath sample, which the driver refused to provide. A 37-year-old Guelph male is charged with refusing to provide a breath sample. His driver’s licence was suspended for 90 days and his vehicle was impounded for seven days. He will appear in court December 9, 2022.

Later Sunday morning, approximately 10:45 a.m., officers conducted a traffic stop on Scottsdale Drive. An odour of alcoholic beverage was noted on the driver’s breath and his face was flushed. He was arrested and transported to the police station, where breath tests confirmed he had more than the legal amount of alcohol in his system.

A 59-year-old Guelph male is charged with impaired operation. His driver’s licence was suspended for 90 days and his vehicle was impounded for seven days. He will appear in court October 7, 2022.

Just before 1:30 p.m., police received several reports of a vehicle being driven erratically in the area of Woolwich Street and Speedvale Avenue. Officers located the vehicle parked on an angle behind the owner’s apartment building. When they entered the building they found the owner who had fallen on the stairs and was unable to get to her feet.

Officers provided assistance and immediately noticed a strong odour of alcoholic beverage on her breath and that she was unsteady on her feet. She was arrested and taken to the police station, where tests confirmed she had more than three times the legal limit of alcohol in her system.

A 70-year-old Guelph female is charged with impaired operation. Her driver’s licence was suspended for 90 days and her vehicle was impounded for seven days. She will appear in court October 4, 2022.

Total calls for service in the last 72 hours – 797

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Media Availability: Ministers Hogan and Loveless Available to Media to Provide Update Following Hurricane Fiona – News Releases – Government of Newfoundland and Labrador



The Honourable John Hogan, KC, Minister of Justice and Public Safety, and the Honourable Elvis Loveless, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, will be available to media today (Sunday, September 25) at 2:00 p.m. to discuss response to the impacts of Hurricane Fiona.

The availability will be held in St. John’s at the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre, 45 Major’s Path.

The availability will be streamed live on Facebook.

Media planning to participate must register by contacting Lesley Clarke (


Media contacts
Lesley Clarke
Justice and Public Safety
709-729-5188, 699-2910

Brian Scott
Transportation and Infrastructure
709-729-3015, 725-9201

2022 09 25
11:05 am

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How Every Leader No Matter The Industry Can Adopt Social Media – Forbes



The world is quickly replacing paper with digital documents, cash with digital wallets, and social media is becoming the norm for connection worldwide. One of the most noticeable changes is the ability of individuals to make money online by leveraging social media to build a loyal community. You can’t go on social media without running into content or an ad from an online entrepreneur or influencer with a product or service.

While many businesses have been quick to jump on this trend, some industries are still playing catch up. However, with more and more transactions occurring online in today’s society, there is no denying that everyone needs a digital footprint – even with older and “more traditional” businesses.

Alec Hanson, senior vice-president of the west division for loanDepot, a twenty-year veteran of the mortgage industry, is looking to help the industry adapt to the world of doing business through social media. He has always understood the importance of building relationships, whether by attending open houses or other business events. Today he sees the potential of doing even more through social media.

Adapting To The Times

Alec has always been passionate about helping people with home financing. As a mortgage loan officer and now as a Senior Vice President at loanDepot with 115 branch locations under his leadership, he knows what it takes to find success in the industry. For a mortgage loan officer, the day-to-day work may look like phone calls, e-mails, and making sure people sign on the dotted line. But the reality is, that’s only a small part of the equation.

Meeting people and building relationships is key. While technology is making paperwork easier, Hanson is more excited about the ability to build relationships through social media. “It used to be that the mortgage and real estate industry was a belly-to-belly sport and while that’s still true, being belly-to-belly digitally now matters just as much.” Hanson believes the industry’s ability to use social media to build a personal brand and connect with clients will be crucial to future success. “Connecting with people has never been easier. We just have to use the tools we have.”

Easy as 1,2,3

In his time as a loan officer, Alec was recognized as a top 1% originator every year for eight years straight. When he moved into leadership, he quickly became known as an industry leader, now serving the west division of loanDepot spanning over 12 states. He credits his success to many factors, but can’t ignore the positive effect that his commitment to social media has granted. “With social media, not only can I work with my team that is all over the country, but I can connect to potential new business partners, recruits, and industry leaders as well.”

Although he believes the easiest way to build his business is through creating content on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, he recognizes that a big hurdle is that people don’t know how to use social media. One of the biggest questions mortgage professionals have is knowing what they should share. “There’s an audience for everyone. Be yourself and connect to clients and partners that connect with your personality and passions.”

The second problem he sees is that people are concerned with the wrong things. “You don’t need to go viral – just be consistent. If your one video only gets 200 views – that’s more than you would get at one open house. It’s easy, just trust the process.”

Business Is Built On Relationships

Despite his passion for driving the industry to use social media, Hanson is actually not a super fan of social media platforms. “I think it creates a lot of issues, such as people chasing likes, forgetting how to interact, and portraying a perfect life. That can be toxic.” Despite his love-hate relationship, he does see it as a major advantage in his field. “In the old days, I would drive house to house to meet people. Now, I can have a video call with someone across the country or share a video with thousands in just a few minutes.”

More importantly to Hanson, he can connect and build relationships with people he can’t meet face-to-face. By leveraging direct messages, comments, and other social features, Alec has been able to form solid business relationships. While there are certainly some negatives to social media, Hanson believes it is the key to building relationships as we move into an ever-evolving world of digital communication.

Staying On The Move

As Alec pushes forward with his expanding business, he stays busy, focused, and on top of the trends. He is on a mission to help his industry “catch up” by establishing a recognizable social media presence. Alec wants to continue to empower his team to deliver the American dream of home ownership, and he is determined to help other mortgage professionals grow their businesses by building their online presence.

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Detecting imposter content on social media – The Washington Post



Here’s the first fall 2022 installment of a weekly feature I’ve been running for several years: lessons from the nonprofit News Literacy Project (NLP), which aims to teach students and the public how to sort fact from fiction in our digital and contentious age. There has never been a time in recent U.S. history when this skill has been as important, because of the spread of rumors and conspiracy theories on social and partisan media sites.

NLP was founded more than a decade ago by Alan Miller, a Pulitzer Prize-winning former reporter at the Los Angeles Times, and it has become the leading provider of news literacy education in the country. You can learn more about the organization and its resources and programs here.

The material in this post comes from The Sift, the organization’s newsletter for educators, which has nearly 22,000 subscribers. Published weekly during the school year, it explores timely examples of misinformation, addresses media and press freedom topics, explores social media trends and issues, and includes discussion prompts and activities for the classroom. Get Smart About News, modeled on The Sift, is a free weekly newsletter for the public.

NLP has an e-learning platform, Checkology, that helps educators teach middle and high school students how to identify credible information, seek out reliable sources, and know what to trust, what to dismiss and what to debunk.

It also gives them an appreciation of the importance of the First Amendment and a free press. Checkology, and all of the NLP’s resources and programs, are free. Since 2016, more than 42,000 educators and 375,000 students in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and more than 120 other countries have registered to use the platform.

Here’s material from the May 19 edition of The Sift:

Dig deeper: Don’t miss this week’s classroom-ready resource.

Top picks

1. About 1 in 5 videos automatically suggested on TikTok contain misinformation, according to a new report from NewsGuard. Search results on pressing and consequential topics — including vaccines, abortion, climate change, school shootings, the 2020 election, the Jan. 6 insurrection and the war in Ukraine — are littered with misleading videos on the popular social media platform, NewsGuard researchers said. TikTok is one of the most popular domains in the world, especially among young people.

NewsGuard analyzed 540 TikTok search results, out of which they found 105 videos “contained false or misleading claims.” They also found that when users entered neutral phrases, like “climate change,” the platform suggested searches for false statements like “climate change doesn’t exist.”

Discuss: Do you use TikTok? If yes, what kind of videos do you watch on the platform? How often do you see TikTok videos about current issues and events? How can you tell whether a video is factual or not? Have you ever reported a video for misinformation on TikTok? Do you think strategies like user reports and AI technology are effective at filtering misinformation on social media?

Idea: In small groups, have students search a trending news topic on TikTok. Ask them to record the searches TikTok suggests as they type in their topic. Next, ask students to view the top five videos in their results and evaluate the credibility of each: Is the video factually accurate? Inaccurate? Are they unsure? Finally, have student groups discuss their observations and share ideas about how to verify TikTok content.

Resource:Introduction to Algorithms” (NLP’s Checkology virtual classroom).


◦ “For Gen Z, TikTok Is the New Search Engine” (Kalley Huang, the New York Times).

◦ “Teens Now Turn to TikTok More Than Google — but Not for Schoolwork” (Nadia Tamez-Robledo, EdSurge).

◦ “Lawmakers Grill TikTok Executive About Ties to China” (David McCabe, the New York Times).

Dig Deeper: Use this think sheet to explore how TikTok’s search results yield misleading information.

2. It’s been 130 years since a formerly enslaved man borrowed $200 to launch the Afro-American newspaper in Baltimore. Commonly referred to as the Afro, the award-winning paper recently marked its anniversary and describes itself as a source of “good news about the Black community not otherwise found.”

Idea: Have students examine the news coverage featured on What kind of stories do they see? How might those stories be of interest to the news publication’s audience? What distinguishes this outlet’s coverage from more mainstream news sources?

Another idea: Ask students to use this map to explore media outlets across the United States that primarily serve Black communities.

Viral rumor rundown

Climate change denialism spread via fake CNN headline

NO: The screenshot in this tweet is not a genuine article published by CNN.

YES: This is a piece of impostor content designed to look like a CNN article.

NO: Climate and weather are not the same thing.

YES: Global warming and climate change can cause severe winter weather.

NewsLit takeaway: Impostor content is often designed to launder faulty ideas through a credible source. Using a fabricated CNN headline to push this falsehood accomplishes two things: It lends credibility to a demonstrably false claim for those who are inclined to believe it, and it impugns CNN’s reputation and credibility for those who aren’t. Remember, while weather changes from one season to the next, the impacts of climate change can be felt throughout the year. Conflating weather with climate is a common strategy used to minimize the magnitude of climate change. Recognizing this distinction makes us all less susceptible to climate change misinformation.

No, Donald Trump didn’t say he was knighted in private by Queen Elizabeth II

NO: This is not a genuine message from Trump about being knighted in private by the queen.

NO: This message was never posted to Trump’s account on Truth Social, the former president’s social media platform.

YES: This is a fabricated Truth Social post that went viral on Twitter.

NewsLit takeaway: Be skeptical of alleged social media messages that only circulate in image form as screenshots. A plethora of online tools make fabricating images of social media messages rather easy. While these doctored pieces of impostor content can appear convincing, one big red flag gives these messages away as fakes: They do not have URLs connected to the social media profile of the subject (in this case Trump), and many of these alleged posts have the same number of likes and shares. We’ve covered similar pieces of impostor content, and you can get a rundown on how to investigate this type of rumor here.


• As student journalists have become more vocal about the threats and intimidation they face, new research underscores the importance of preparing journalism students to cope with on-the-job harassment.

• This is the first school year that media literacy is required in Illinois high schools, and it can be taught in any subject, even in physical education class.

Here’s more:

‘News and information chaos’ grows and other news literacy lessons

A fainting nurse and false data along with more news literacy items

How to avoid being duped by false Ukraine information and more

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