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10 hot tips which are guaranteed to improve your poker game



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At the World Series of Pokers’ Main Event in 2003, Chris Moneymaker, a middle-aged accountant from Nashville, turned $40 into $2.5 million.

Since then, the popularity of poker has soared, as eager individuals the world over hope to win life-changing riches and fame, just like Chris.

For a player to perform their very best in poker. Passion and dedication to the game are essential, as is the willingness to use the ten tips below.


1 – Practise makes perfect 

This may seem obvious, but the more you play, the more your game will improve. Of course, there is risk involved with poker, so it’s a good idea to play for free for a while, unless you’re feeling ultra-confident.

2 – Post-Game Reflection

Whether a player wins or loses, reflecting on what happened throughout the game will help individuals figure out what did and didn’t work in the game.

Whether identifying the point where a player started to tilt or realizing they were seated in the late position. Which means they had the luxury of taking more adventurous moves than other players.

Post-game reflection gives players the chance to prevent future mistakes from reoccurring.


3 – Selective Reading, Watching, and Listening

It’s wise to be selective about what poker material players read, watch, and learn.

There’s a lot of poker-centred forums, blogs, and books out there. But just because the author claims they are a poker expert and have each poker player’s interests at heart, it doesn’t mean they necessarily do.

As such, looking at reviews and researching the author will ensure poker enthusiasts choose educational resources that are worthwhile; to expand their knowledge about the game and improve their skills.


4 – Reason Each Move

Author Maria Konnikova reveals in her book ‘The Biggest Bluff’ rational decision-making on every move in poker is essential for a player to perform at their best.

Whether a player chooses to check, bet, fold, call or raise, reasoning must justify their move.

For example, a player may choose to fold based on the low value of their cards and their position to the left of the button, which gives them little scope to see what the other players’ turns will hold.

Logically defining a move prevents the player from making irrational decisions during the game.


5 – Prioritize Sleep


Despite its health-boosting, stress-busting benefits, a good night’s rest is heavily underrated by most.

Even though adequate sleep each night allows individuals to replenish their energy. Meaning players can sustain prolonged periods of analytical thinking, which is, of course, essential during a poker game.

Poker players committed to playing their best in tournaments should aim to achieve at least 8 hours of sleep every night.


6 – Assess Diet

What poker players eat on the run-up to the game will also help determine their performance during the event.

A heavy meal, such as a burger and shake before a poker game, will inevitably set a player up to feel lethargic during the game. In turn, diminishing their ability to reason their next move and keep tabs on other players’ actions.

As a tip, swapping large plates of processed food for smaller, regular meals packed with nutrients. Will ensure poker players have the energy to remain alert throughout the game.


7 – Practice Relaxation Techniques

Being relaxed yet focused on the game is more complicated than a player might think. After all, there’s a lot for poker players to consider in-game.

To prevent stress, frustration, and even confusion from taking over a player’s ability to make rational decisions. Using the below relaxation techniques can help individuals keep a cool, calm head throughout the game.

Take Deep Breaths: During a game, when nerves strike, and the heart starts racing. Take a few long, deep breaths. A flurry of oxygen to the brain will enable players to think more clearly while slowing down a racing heart.

Detach Emotions: It’s easy to get emotional in poker. However, to be an excellent player, it’s wise for poker fanatics to learn to be, as much as possible, emotionless to ensure they play in a controlled manner.

Poker players can draw inspiration from emotionless characters such as Sherlock Holmes or Sheldon cooper. Each character takes action to meet a defined purpose without being swayed by emotions or the outcome.

Of course, this is easier said than done. But it’s undoubtedly worth practising to help players keep calm during their poker games.


8 – Find a Mentor

The world of poker is complex. Moreover, it’s often challenging for players to evaluate what they are doing right or wrong in their poker games.

However, a poker coach can offer valuable insight, advice, and support to keep potential poker star hopefuls on track to success.


9 – No Alcohol

Whether a few vodka shots, a whiskey on the rocks, or a signature cocktail, alcohol consumption impairs a poker players’ ability to make intelligent decisions.


As such, it’s essential for players who like a drink to think about cutting out alcohol before and during their next game.


10 – Visit the Restroom

It may seem insignificant but taking a quick toilet break before a poker match can ensure players are both comfortable and focused during a competition.


11 – Picking a Poker Game

This step involves players being mindful of the experience and status of the players who will be attending a poker game or tournament.

For example, sitting with professional poker players who have an unlimited bankroll will only leave newbie poker players with destroyed egos and empty pockets.

If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half-hour at the table, then you are the sucker. – Rounders (1998)

There are multiple things poker players can do to play their very best in a game.

From hiring a mentor to enrolling in poker courses. While also taking care of their physical and mental wellbeing.

Every positive change will take players one step close to reaching their full potential of becoming the best poker player they can be.

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Josh Archibald is unvaccinated Edmonton Oilers player. What does that mean for team? – Edmonton Journal



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On the Oilers Now radio show, Oilers GM Ken Holland confirmed to host Bob Stauffer that winger Josh Archibald is the only unvaccinated player on the Oilers roster. Archibald has a one-way contract, with a $1.5 million cap hit. If he were to make the Oilers, and miss out on all games in the USA, he’d miss 30-plus games.


Article content

“It’s much more difficult being a Canadian team,” Holland said, with Stauffer pointing out the Oilers play 50 games in Canada, 32 in the USA this year. “Obviously we got to go back and forth across the border multiple times this season. Obviously it’s going to be much different playing on a U.S. team vs. playing on a Canadian team being unvaccinated.”

Here’s what Holland said earlier at his press conference about the unvaccinated player (whom he had not yet identified):

  • Holland said he was still talking to the player (Archibald).  “As the season starts I would anticipate we would have one player that would be unvaccinated.”
  • Some NHL teams have banned unvaccinated players from training camp. Holland has not yet decided if the player will be welcomed at Edmonton’s training camp. “I think the player is going through a process to decide because I think it’s a difficult decision. So I want to give the person the appropriate time. I’ll see where I’m at a week from now, or ten days from now. But we’ll see.”
  • If a player is unvaccinated and the team goes to the United States, he must quarantine when he comes back to Canada, Holland said. “It’s going to make it very difficult.” (On a side note, the Oilers most likely brought in forward Colton Sceviour as a possibility at forward).
  • An unvaxxed player would miss about 30 days due to cross-border 14-day quarantines, Holland said, adding that the player might not be ready to play after being out, and if the team was going well it might not want to change the line-up. Oilers coach Dave Tippett and Holland met with the player and looked at how many times the team would cross the border this year. “It’s going to be very difficult.”


Article content

Edmonton recently brought in checking winger Colton Sceviour on a PTO. Sceviour is a similar player to Archibald, a checking winger who can play on the PK. If Archibald is sent to the AHL — and it’s hard to imagine that’s not now being considered as Plan B — that will open up an opportunity for Sceviour.

The Detroit Red Wings have invited unvaxxed Tyler Bertuzzi to camp, but the Red Wings only play nine games in Canada. U.S. teams have more ability to work with unvaccinated players than Canadian teams, which puts the Oilers and Archibald in a far more difficult spot.

Another option would be to trade Archibald to a U.S. team that doesn’t play many games in Canada, though I’m unsure if any team would take on Archibald at his $1.5 million per cap hit.


Article content

As for Archibald, let me repeat what I said in my last post, that I know what advice I’d give this player, that while there’s almost no chance he’ll get hammered hard by COVID, there’s almost no chance he’ll get hammered hard in any significant way by the vaccine.

With all that in mind, he should put his pay cheque and his family first.

That’s the same advice I gave to a vaccinate hesitant relative, by the way. In the end, but only after the vaccine passport rules came in Alberta, that individual decided to get vaccinated. That person is now at relative peace with their decision, despite the coercive new regulation that forced them to get the jab. I suspect this Oilers player will make the same call and get vaccinated, but I’m glad to see the Oilers are being patient with him, and as an Oilers fans, I’ll do the same.


Article content

There’s a huge amount of anger and intolerance directed at the unvaccinated right now. There’s a frenzy of fear and self-righteousness boiling up here, a dangerous combination. When I think of more lockdown measures of the fully vaccinated, I have felt some of that anger myself. But I try to control it.

Every one of us sees this pandemic through our own distorted and self-interested lens. We’re all trying to balance the possibility of different harms to our own selves and our families and community. I don’t see how turning on anyone helps in this situation. I see many hard and difficult discussions, as Holland is now having with his players, as the way to go. I applaud Holland’s patient and understanding approach.

P.S. Rick Dhaliwal of CHEK TV in Vancouver reports: “Alex Chiasson has signed a PTO with the Canucks.”


Article content

At the Cult of Hockey

STAPLES: Holland on Duncan Keith’s late vaccination: “It was a difficult decision for Duncan”

STAPLES: The single biggest wildcard on the Edmonton Oilers is…

McCURDY: Konovalov was great, the Oilers rookies? Not so much

McCURDY: Oil fans will have Kyle Dubas to thank if Petrov pans out



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LeBrun: What's at stake for the Maple Leafs this season? 'I don’t think we can hide from it' – The Athletic



TORONTO — To be blunt, the Toronto Maple Leafs could go 82-0 this season, rewrite the regular-season record book and there would be large segments of their fan base and people around the hockey world who would say: Yeah, but …

That “but” hangs over this season like a massive anvil.

This is my 27th year covering the NHL, all of them based here in Toronto, and I would argue this franchise has never in that time frame felt this kind of pressure to deliver.

Doug Gilmour’s overachieving Leafs teams were too beloved by the fan base to be second-guessed. Wendel Clark is still a Leafs God for a reason. He left it all on the ice.

Mats Sundin’s Leafs teams a decade later didn’t deliver the ultimate prize but the faith of the fan base didn’t waver too much through some decent playoff runs.

This current team has done nothing come playoff time.

Nothing yet, anyway.

Which is why despite always being a team that garners plenty of leaguewide attention, sometimes for no real reason, the Leafs are genuinely one of the most compelling stories this season in the NHL, win or lose.

Up 3-1 on their rival Montreal Canadiens in May, the Leafs crumbled in a seven-game series loss that won’t soon be forgotten.

And yet the painful lessons from yet another first-round exit had to be addressed before the Leafs could turn the page.

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In final clash before potential playoff duel, Rays torment Blue Jays once more –



ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – No team torments the Toronto Blue Jays quite like the Tampa Bay Rays, and adding insult to injury in their final regular season meeting was getting a beatdown from their archnemesis and then watching them clinch a playoff berth.

The finale of a three-game set at Tropicana Field lacked the typical drama most of Wednesday afternoon after Ross Stripling got lit up for five runs in a six-run third that effectively decided a 7-1 Rays win. But theatre arrived in the eighth when Ryan Borucki hit Kevin Kiermaier, who triggered ill will Monday by grabbing a data card dislodged from Alejandro Kirk’s wristband during a play at the plate, prompting words to be exchanged and the dugouts to empty.

Relative calm prevailed as Rays manager Kevin Cash ranted to the umpiring crew, which then gathered by the mound after and ejected Borucki. That prompted pitching coach Pete Walker and manager Charlie Montoyo to argue, and Walker was restrained before he was ejected, too.

David Robertson closed things out in an incident-free ninth inning and the Rays poured out on the field afterwards for business-as-usual handshakes.

As usual, the Rays got the better of season series with 11 wins, and at 94-59, now have a magic number of four to clinch the American League East in back-to-back seasons. Of their 19 clashes this season, it was only the sixth time the game was decided by four runs or more, in contrast to the 10 contests settled by two or less.

The Rays winning the East is an inevitably at this point and should the Blue Jays successfully clinch a wild-card berth and then win that game to reach the division series, the Rays are likely to be waiting for them there.

There are steps to be taken for them to get there, but the math remains fairly favourable for the Blue Jays (85-67), who fell even with the New York Yankees (85-67) for the second wild card and dropped two games back of the Boston Red Sox (87-65) for the first, pending Wednesday night’s action. The Yankees were scheduled to host Texas, the Red Sox home to the Mets.

With 10 games left, beginning with a four-game set at the Minnesota Twins opening Thursday, a 6-4 run would push them to 91 wins, a total likely enough to get them into the playoffs. After the Twins, the Blue Jays have three-game series at home versus the Yankees and Baltimore Orioles, so the opportunity for 7-3 or even better is certainly there.

A big weekend versus the Twins while the Red Sox and Yankees play three in New York this weekend is a pivotal chance to gain ground before Boston closes out against Baltimore and Washington. The Yankees finish against the Rays after playing Boston and Toronto.

Nothing should be taken for granted, but the Blue Jays are set up fairly well, even after their bullpen game Wednesday went terribly awry.

Stripling, entering behind opener Julian Merryweather as the bulk pitcher, got through his first inning unscathed but didn’t survive the next, going single, double, walk, sacrifice fly, three-run homer by Austin Meadows and single before Montoyo came with the hook.

Taylor Walls added a two-run single in the frame before it was over and, with the Rays’ bullpen game going much more to plan, this was a hole the Blue Jays offence couldn’t dig out of.

Surviving as best as possible for Thursday became the priority at that point, and essential on that front was the 2.1 shutout innings delivered by Anthony Castro. That allowed the Blue Jays to both get Jordan Romano and Trevor Richards needed rest and keep Adam Cimber and Tim Mayza available for the Twins opener.

Pearson was pressed into duty after Borucki’s ejection.

Castro’s work may very well get him optioned, as Thomas Hatch, at one point a candidate to be activated from the taxi squad for Wednesday, is likely to join the bullpen Thursday.

Another reinforcement could be Santiago Espinal, whose return from a rehab assignment at triple-A Buffalo is suddenly more urgent with Breyvic Valera on the COVID-19 IL for coming into close contact with a family member.

Valera is fully vaccinated and produced a negative test, but when he’s eligible to return will be dependent on returning more negative tests and getting sign-offs from both MLB and the union. Kevin Smith was recalled from the Bisons to cover for the time being.

Cavan Biggio is a possibility to join the club next week, although the Blue Jays are hoping he can establish some rhythm at the plate before he’s returned from his rehab assignment.

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