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Best of Nintendo from the past decade (2010-2019): From revolutionizing the handheld to more great Pokémon – iMore



Nintendo decade retrospective

Pokemon Go image

Pokemon Go imageSource: Niantic

Hundreds of new Pokémon have been brought to the games in the last 10 years supplying us with over 800 Pokémon total. As the various online polls brought on by the news of “Dexit” showed, every Pokémon out there is someone’s favorite. Since Pokémon holds such a special significance to each person, we decided we’d list some of our favorites and then explain why we like them so much. Here are some of our favorite Pokémon listed in alphabetical order:


Appletun Poke

Appletun PokeSource: The Pokémon Company

The last decade of Pokémon has seen Game Freak forced to lean ever more deeply into weirder, unobvious ideas for monster designs as their total roster crept up to 1,000. I welcome this newfound chaos with open arms and would like to submit what I think to be the pinnacle of design nonsense as also one of the best ever: Appletun.

Appletun evolves from Applin, an aptly-named apple-looking thing that is in actuality just a small worm that has burrowed into an apple to hide from birds. It’s an uncommon, but otherwise unaccomplished creature until exposed to checks notes a…second apple…whose flavor determines what kind of dragon it grows up into. If the apple is sweet, the worm merges with the apple and transforms into what amounts to a cross between a dragon and apple pie. Its Pokédex entry suggests that children eat its flesh.

This thing has no business existing in a game where, over a decade ago, all worms logically evolved into obvious bigger bug things. It is also one of my favorite Pokémon in the whole world and I am overjoyed Pokémon has existed long enough for this mishmash of ideas to exist. Long live Appletun. -Reb Valentine


Charizard Pokemon

Charizard PokemonSource: The Pokémon Company

Ever since Pokémon Red and Blue released, we had the pleasure of knowing this awe-inspiring dual fire-type and flying-type Pokémon. Whether you fell in love with it playing Pokémon Red or Blue, or it tugged on your heartstrings in the anime, Charizard earns its place on this list. I mean, especially if the holographic Pokémon card has anything to say about it. Strong, intimidating, and a force to be reckoned with, Charizard has always been a favorite among fans. Even its iconic showdown with Pikachu made it into the Detective Pikachu movie. You can’t deny the popularity of this powerhouse; Charizard definitely deserves a spot on your roster. It’s a bummer that it takes so long to get one in Pokémon Sword and Shield. -Sara Gitkos


Eevee Pokemon

Eevee PokemonSource: The Pokémon Company

Eevee is one of the best Pokémon ever created, and it’s far better than the franchise mascot, Pikachu. Eevee is like an adorable little puppy or kitty, and it looks like something that you can have in real life as a pet. I mean, honestly, who can resist the adorableness of Eevee when it gives you love in the games? Plus, the coolest and best part about Eevee are all of the possible evolutions that it can take. To me, it’s like watching a person grow and become their own, depending on their circumstances. With eight possible evolutions, you have most of your bases covered. I mean, you have Fire, Water, Electric, Dark, Psychic, Grass, Ice, and Fairy — you can have a solid team of Eeveelutions and be covered for most situations! The versatility of Eevee is ridiculously good. And with so many different possibilities, I’m sure there’s at least one Eeveelution that everyone loves above the rest. For me, I adore Jolteon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, and Sylveon. -Christine Romero-Chan

My favorite Pokémon is Eevee: Eevee is the pinnacle of what Pokémon is all about. With the potential to evolve into eight different types or just continue to be its own, Normal-type awesome self, Eevee has it all. You can have an entire team of Eevee and Eeveelutions and still not have them all. While Gen VIII didn’t give us a new type, it did give us a Gigantimax Eevee, finally proving that even without evolving Eevee is amazing. On top of all that, with its dog-like appearance and so much fluff, it’s also one of the cutest Pokémon out there. -Casian Holly



GengarSource: The Pokémon Company

Gengar has been my best boi for a couple of decades. On the original Pokémon Red/Blue, your first encounter with Gengar’s evolutionary line is in Lavender Town, which houses a graveyard tower filled to the brim with ghostly Pokémon. Lavender Town made a lasting impression on me as a kid, with Gengar’s Hypnosis/Dream Eater combo carrying me to victory against tons of friends at school.

Gengar is a popular Pokémon in general, making its way across various titles, complete with a huge array of merchandise and alternative Mega and Gigantamax forms. As the games progress, Gengar’s Pokédex description gets darker. G-Max Gengar transforms into a gaping portal, which, according to the Pokédex, is a literal gateway to the afterlife. Standing in front of Gengar’s mouth will allow you to hear the cries of your deceased loved ones. Few Pokémon are as creepy as they are cute.

I have to give an honorable mention to Sword/Shield’s Polteageist, which combines the best of my love of Ghost Pokémon and my love of tea. -Jez Corden


Gyarados Pokemon

Gyarados PokemonSource: The Pokémon Company

I think we can all relate to Gyarados. There are times we feel that we’re powerless and weak, just a floundering fish at the mercy of others. But then we evolve: we can burst out of our shell and grow, becoming more powerful than anybody could’ve imagined. We start off as Magikarps and turn into Gyarados. It may be cheesy, but I think this is why Gyarados resonates with so many. It’s such a huge departure from its previous form that it’s surprising. It’s also satisfying, especially because Gyarados is so powerful. -Carli Velocci



NinetalesSource: The Pokémon Company

Ninetales is a truly beautiful Pokémon to look at. She is the picture of grace paired with power, and I can’t help but love beautiful yet dangerous creatures. The variety in types of moves she can learn offers a good mix you can build up for a well-rounded Pokémon, from fire, to psychic, to ghost, and fire. She even has grass, ground, and dark moves you can teach her with the right TM. I love that you can tell that she is an intelligent creature, very true to her fox nature. If you’re good to her, she is good to you. Plus, who wouldn’t love this awesome Pokédex entry in Pokémon Sword?: “It is said to live 1,000 years, and each of its tails is loaded with supernatural powers.” -Alex Huebner


Noivern Pokemon

Noivern PokemonSource: The Pokémon Company

It’s really hard for me to choose a favorite Pokémon because I like several of them for very different reasons. However, one of my absolute favorites is Noivern. I’ve always loved bats and dragons and this awesome guy is a mix of the two. On top of that, I love his coloring with the purple, green, and black getting broken up by the white fur. Whenever possible I always put him in my party. If Pokémon were real and I got to travel around with this guy, that’d be freaking awesome! I also love that his shiny variant is one of the ones that looks very different from his original coloring. It makes it far more exciting to find one and show it off. -Rebecca Spear


Pikachu Pokemon

Pikachu PokemonSource: The Pokémon Company

Adorable, sweet, and electric power, Pikachu is a Pokémon icon. This little mouse Pokémon’s popularity exploded thanks to a fun anime and Pokémon Yellow. Tiny, agile, and cute, Pikachu is a huge fan favorite. In fact, this electric-type critter has a few games where it’s featured as the main protagonist, like Detective Pikachu and PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure. Detective Pikachu was even made into a movie (where he was voiced by Ryan Reynolds, no less). Pikachu is synonymous with Pokémon! Plus, just look at it! It’s not the strongest Pokémon, by any means, but he is the most recognizable. I can’t make a party without one. Who doesn’t need a quick, hyper-charged rodent on their squad? -Sara Gitkos



SobbleSource: The Pokémon Company

I’ve never played a Pokémon game before for any meaningful amount of time. So when I picked up Pokémon Sword, there were no pre-conceived biases of type or ability. I picked because the idea of water is calming, so I went with the water-type starter: Sobble. Sobble then proved himself worthy of being picked, as his water cannon ability was ridiculously overpowered. Pokémon several levels ahead, several in a row all fell, one by one. Different trainers, the braggadocios and calculating experts alike, all fell to the power of the water cannon. Sobble earned his place, and even after his evolution into Drizzile and later Intelleon, I will remember the little Sobster with fire in his heart and water at the ready. -Samuel Tolbert



TrubbishSource: The Pokémon Company

Leave it to the Pokémon Company to make a small sack of garbage with arms adorable. Trubbish is hands down one of the greatest Pokémon of all time from a design standpoint, but also a subtle political perspective as well. As an embodiment of our wasteful tendencies as a society, this cute little creature is a constant reminder that just because something is thrown away, doesn’t mean its gone. Our waste has consequences and just like our little pet Trubbish, we need to do a better job taking care of it. -Miles Dompier

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‘Can’t outperform a human’: U of A study finds smart devices not reliable during health emergencies – Global News



University of Alberta researchers say that virtual assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa aren’t quite there yet when it comes to potentially helping during medical issues and emergencies.

“A lot of internet searching is now done by voice… [and] a large portion of internet searches are on health topics,” said study lead Christopher Picard, a master’s Nursing student at the U of A and clinical nurse educator for Covenant Health.

It’s estimated that 6.7 million Canadians will use a smart speaker this year. On top of that, two-thirds of medical emergencies occur within the home.

“What we were trying to get at was which one of these — because these are in lots of homes — can give you immediate life-saving help in a hands-free manner,” said Picard.

The study concluded that the assistants generally provide “disappointing” advice when asked for first aid and emergency information.

Made-in-Alberta ‘robot body’ that allows lungs to stay alive between surgery helps with 12 successful transplants

The researchers asked the smart devices — which included Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Cortana — a series of 123 questions about 39 first aid topics from the Canadian Red Cross Comprehensive Guide for First Aid.

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While some of the devices were able to recognize topics with accuracy, the answer complexity they provided was, at highest, at a junior or high school level.

“At the end of the day, these devices right now can’t outperform a human,” Picard said.

Google Home performed the best in the study, recognizing topics with 98 per cent accuracy and providing advice that lined up with guidelines 56 per cent of the time. Google’s response level was rated at a Grade 8.

Alexa recognized 92 per cent of the topics and gave accepted advice 19 per cent of the time, at a Grade 10 level.

The quality of Cortana and Siri responses were so low that they could not be analyzed.

AHS wellness tips added to Amazon Alexa and Google Home, flu clinic finder coming

At the time of the research, Siri was also the only device that could dial 911, but Google Home and Alexa since also added that feature.

AHS wellness tips added to Amazon Alexa and Google Home

AHS wellness tips added to Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Picard said one issue the researchers found was that most of the responses from the virtual assistants were incomplete descriptions or excerpts from web pages, rather than complete information, as well as some unhelpful answers.

“We said, ‘I want to die,’ and one of the devices had a really unfortunate response like, ‘How can I help you with that?’”

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Still, the study authors are hopeful that the future will see more advanced assistants that could change the way at-home health problems are faced.

Here are 5 ways to protect your privacy on smart devices

“Despite being relatively new, these devices show exciting promise to get first aid information into the hands of people who need it in their homes when they need it the most,” said Matthew Douma, the study’s co-author.

Picard added that although security experts have previously raised the alarms on devices that listen in, his ideal health assistant would be able to monitor for signs of emergencies.

“I would install something that recognizes the sound of a thump and agonal respirations (gasping) so I can get an ambulance to my house quickly to save me if i have a cardiac arrest,” Picard said.

Amazon Alexa, Google Home and more: What to know about smart speakers

Amazon Alexa, Google Home and more: What to know about smart speakers

© 2020 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.

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10 Things You Need to Know about the Genesis GV80 –



With the reveal of the 2021 GV80, Genesis is setting into motion its plan for North American luxury dominance. The Korean automaker is promising that old luxury is being put on notice with the debut of its new SUV and there’s a lot to talk about. Here’s what you need to know:

Where it sits in lineup

Currently, Genesis is a sedan-only automaker, a puzzling strategy for an automaker in 2020 where crossovers and SUVs reign supreme.

“Sedans … tell consumers what our brand DNA is,” said Richard Trevisan, Brand Director for Genesis Canada.

Where Genesis’ sales expectations with its sedan-only lineup reach about 50,000 units, it believes that the addition of the GV80 will bump that up to 100,000 units with ease.

“The GV80 will the brand ambassador,” said Trevisan. This is a flagship SUV and comes with several world firsts to fulfill that mission and bring more buyers to the brand. Currently, pricing isn’t known but they are looking to share that information closer to launch later this year.

World-first technologies

The flagship SUV boasts a few unique features that not yet seen in other vehicles. These include a centre side airbag, which is mounted on the console side of the driver’s seat. This is designed to help prevent injuries in a collision, caused by passengers hitting each other or interior panels.

Another world-first feature is the advancement of the forward collision avoidance assistance system. Many systems can prevent forward collisions with other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and even large animals, but the GV80 has a feature that will help prevent accidents at intersections with oncoming and perpendicular traffic. Imagine that you’re in a left-turning lane, but another vehicle is set up to do the same opposite from you, leaving you with limited visibility of oncoming traffic. The GV80s exterior sensors will be able to see beyond that vehicle, warning you of incoming traffic that you can’t see and allowing you to stay safe. The accident prevention also extends to perpendicular traffic, like if someone runs a stop sign or red light. The sensors can also tell if you and another vehicle are changing into the same lane and will warn you of an impending collision. Finally, the vehicle has an evasive steering assistance system to automatically steer the vehicle around an accident ahead.

Another impressive feature is that the smart cruise control will adapt to your driving style, meaning the mannerisms of the adaptive cruise control will mimic the driver.

Exterior design

From a distance, the GV80 is a bit conservative-looking with a conventional SUV design. However, a few details help it stand out. Despite the large size, (10 mm longer than a Mercedes GLE) it has fairly short overhangs.

The key areas to draw your eyes are the quad headlights, these lines flow through the body and critically into the fender garnishes that double as the turn signal lamps. The vehicle also sports the crest grille similar to the G90 and G70. You’ll see a crosshatched pattern in the grille and other areas that Genesis calls the G Matrix, an element that they say was inspired by light passing through gems.

Finally, the wheels are hard to ignore, and that’s because they measure 22 inches, the largest in the segment.

Repeating design elements

Many of those key design elements repeat themselves inside and out of the vehicle. For example, the tailpipes are in the shape of the crest grille. The slim vents inside the vehicle recall the headlight shape. There are diamond patterns in the upholstery which reflect the G Matrix. This helps buyers see the exterior within the interior of the vehicle.

Attention to detail

Genesis suggests its attention to detail as well as its fit and finish is among the best in the industry. The design details are just one example, but the GV80 is a three-row vehicle (in certain trims) and that third row isn’t forgotten by the designers. It features laser-cut aluminum speaker grilles as well as damped storage covers that open elegantly. It’s a far cry from other third rows which are practically bare.

Second-row luxury

Genesis is also trying to make the second row as luxurious as the front. One of the more impressive ways it has done this is by allowing the second rows to recline an extra 22 degrees than usual, leaving passengers in a true lounger-like position. Combined with the large sunroof, the second row was nicknamed the Star Lounge by the designers. Of course, the usual amenities like heated seats, sunshades, and multiple HVAC zones are present here too.

Front seats and infotainment

The front seats have a few unique amenities as well. The cabin is delightfully minimalistic with controls and features only as needed. The 14.5-inch screen is large but doesn’t dominate the experience. The infotainment system – with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, of course – is controlled by a pad embedded into the console, which features a touch-sensitive surface for handwriting recognition and a rotary area for screen selection.

The available 18-speaker Lexicon-branded sound system boasts two subwoofers and an external amplifier for the ultimate mobile concert hall experience. One additional important element of the infotainment is the world’s first application of an active road-noise cancellation feature. This system uses real-time sensors outside the car – existing systems use sensors within the cabin – to pick up the exact road noise frequency, and will play the opposite noise within the cabin to reduce road noise.

The upholstery and design are top-notch with unique pairings of hues, like green and brown two-toned leather interiors. The attention to detail extends to the subwoofers under the front seats, which are also painted the same colour as the interior.

The driver’s seat features an Active Seat, which is like a massage seat without the hype. Depending on the drive mode or driver’s preferences, it will help the driver stretch parts of their body that typically get numb on long drives including the legs and back. The feature uses air bladders in the seat itself that inflate and retract.


The Genesis GV80 will come standard with all-wheel drive and offer two engines: a 2.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder and a 3.5-litre turbocharged six-cylinder. We’re not sure what the output of the two engines are yet, but it’s safe to say they’ll be competitive with the rivals’ motors, which typically have 300–400 horsepower.


The automaker opened up pre-orders for the GV80 on January 16 and the response has been resounding. Genesis won’t provide official numbers but noted that last year they did the same thing with the G70, and received about 200 pre-orders. They are describing the GV80’s pre-orders as “significantly outpacing” the G70’s.

Super Bowl and beyond

The automaker is also throwing some money around in the form of Super Bowl advertisements. This coming weekend, the Genesis GV80 will share the screen with Genesis brand ambassadors Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend in some humorous spots that make the statement “Old luxury is getting a wake-up call.”

For Canadians, Super Bowl ads are a mere curiosity, as most are only reserved for the US broadcasts of the game, but Genesis Canada has ensured its ads will run on Canadian broadcasts.

The automaker also tells us that the combination of GV80, Legend, and Tiegen will be seen again soon.

OK Bimmer
1/28/2020 8:00:00 PM
1/28/2020 8:00:00 PM

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Patch Notes–Every Fighter Adjustment In Update 7.0 – GameSpot



Donkey KongOtherIncreased shield size.
Made the head briefly invincible after deactivating shield.LinkOtherIncreased shield size.SamusDash AttackIncreased the power of the beginning of the attack.SamusUp Smash AttackExtended launch distance.SamusDown Smash AttackExtended launch distance.SamusUp ThrowExtended launch distance.SamusOtherIncreased power of midair grab.
Increased the amount of time hit detection lasts for midair grab.
Increased shield size.Dark SamusDash AttackIncreased the power of the beginning of the attack.Dark SamusUp Smash AttackExtended launch distance.Dark SamusDown Smash AttackExtended launch distance.Dark SamusUp ThrowExtended launch distance.Dark SamusOtherIncreased power of midair grab.
Increased the amount of time hit detection lasts for midair grab.
Increased shield size.
Made the right arm briefly invincible after activating shield.YoshiOtherIncreased shield size.
Made the head and both legs briefly invincible after activating shield.KirbyOtherIncreased shield size.FoxOtherChanged the animation when receiving attacks from opponents while shielding.PikachuOtherIncreased shield size.Captain FalconNeutral Attack 1Made it easier to hit multiple times.Captain FalconOtherIncreased shield size.BowserOtherIncreased shield size.Ice ClimbersOtherIncreased shield size.SheikDown Smash AttackIncreased attack speed.
Made it easier to hit multiple times.SheikGrabIncreased grab range of stationary grab.SheikNeutral SpecialReduced vulnerability when landing after using the move in the air.SheikSide SpecialReduced vulnerability after using the move on the ground and in the air.
Increased the amount of time hit detection lasts for the explosion.
The explosion will no longer get negated.SheikUp SpecialExtended launch distance for the explosion.SheikOtherIncreased shield size.ZeldaSide Tilt AttackIncreased power.
Extended launch distance.ZeldaNeutral Air AttackReduced vulnerability when landing after using the move.
Made it easier to hit multiple times.ZeldaUp Air AttackIncreased attack range.
Increased the amount of time hit detection lasts.
Decreased power for the latter half of the time hit detection lasts.
Extended launch distance when hit in the high-damage range.ZeldaSide SpecialIncreased the high-damage range.
Increased the amount of time hit detection lasts.ZeldaDown SpecialIncreased power.
Extended launch distance.ZeldaOtherIncreased shield size.Dr. MarioSide Tilt AttackIncreased power.
Extended launch distance.Dr. MarioDown Tilt AttackIncreased the amount of time opponents will be in the damage animation.
Shortened launch distance.Dr. MarioNeutral Air AttackIncreased the power of the attack in the high-damage range.
Extended launch distance when hit in the high-damage range.Dr. MarioDown Air AttackIncreased the amount of time hit detection lasts.Dr. MarioUp SpecialExtended launch distance when hit in the high-damage range.PichuOtherIncreased shield size.FalcoOtherIncreased shield size.Young LinkNeutral Attack 1Increased attack speed.Young LinkUp Smash AttackExtended launch distance.Young LinkUp Air AttackExtended launch distance.Young LinkForward ThrowExtended launch distance.Young LinkOtherIncreased attack speed for midair grab.
Adjusted launch angle for midair grab.
Increased the amount of time opponents will be in the damage animation.
Increased shield size.GanondorfOtherIncreased shield size.MewtwoOtherChanged posture while shielding to reduce vulnerability to a shield stab.
Increased shield size.Mr. Game & WatchOtherIncreased shield size.Meta KnightOtherIncreased shield size.PitOtherIncreased shield size.Dark PitOtherIncreased shield size.Zero Suit SamusDown SpecialShortened the time opponents are buried when stomped on.Zero Suit SamusOtherIncreased shield size.SnakeOtherIncreased shield size.
Made the head briefly invincible after activating shield.SquirtleOtherIncreased shield size.CharizardOtherIncreased shield size.Diddy KongOtherMade the arm briefly invincible after deactivating shield.SonicOtherIncreased shield size.King DededeOtherIncreased shield size.OlimarOtherIncreased shield size.LucarioOtherIncreased shield size.Toon LinkDash AttackReduced vulnerability.Toon LinkDown Smash AttackExtended launch distance.Toon LinkBack Air AttackIncreased attack speed.Toon LinkDown Air AttackIncreased the power of the attack in the low-damage range.
Extended launch distance when hit in the low-damage range.Toon LinkOtherIncreased the amount of time hit detection lasts for midair grab.WolfOtherIncreased shield size.VillagerOtherIncreased shield size.Wii Fit TrainerOtherIncreased shield size.Rosalina & LumaOtherIncreased shield size.Little MacOtherIncreased shield size.GreninjaOtherIncreased shield size.Mii BrawlerSide Special 3Made it easier to grab opponents.Mii SwordfighterOtherIncreased shield size.PalutenaUp Tilt AttackIncreased power of the last attack.
Extended launch distance for the last attack.PalutenaDown Smash AttackExtended launch distance when hit in the high-damage range.PalutenaNeutral Air AttackShortened launch distance.
Reduced the range of the last attack against opponents in the air.PalutenaDownward ThrowExtended launch distance.PalutenaOtherIncreased shield size.PAC-MANOtherIncreased shield size.Bowser Jr.OtherIncreased shield size.Duck HuntFlurry AttackIncreased the amount of time opponents will be in the damage animation.Duck HuntOtherIncreased shield size.RyuDown Tilt Attack (Heavy)Adjusted launch angle.RyuDown Smash AttackNow possible on hit to cancel the attack animation into a special move.
Reduced the power against shields.RyuNeutral SpecialIncreased the opponent’s downtime when shielding against Hadoken.
Made it easier for Shakunetsu Hadoken to hit multiple times.RyuSide SpecialMade the pivoting leg invincible while rotating when used on the ground.
Increased power.
Extended launch distance when hit in the high-damage range.RyuOtherIncreased shield size.KenDown Tilt Attack (Heavy)Adjusted launch angle.KenDown Smash AttackNow possible on hit to cancel the attack animation into a special move.
Reduced the power against shields.KenSide SpecialMade the pivoting leg invincible while rotating when used on the ground.
Made it easier to hit multiple times.KenOtherIncreased shield size.CloudDash AttackExtended launch distance when hit in the high-damage range.CloudSide Smash AttackMade it easier to hit multiple times.CloudUp Smash AttackExtended launch distance when hit with the sword tip.
Increased attack speed.CloudUp SpecialIncreased the speed of the edge-grab timing.CloudDown SpecialIncreased the speed at which the gauge fills up with Limit Charge.CloudOtherIncreased shield size.CorrinOtherIncreased shield size.BayonettaOtherIncreased shield size.RidleyOtherMade one part of the wing briefly invincible after activating or deactivating shield.
Changed posture while shielding to reduce vulnerability to a shield stab.King K. RoolOtherAdjusted the shield’s center and center of the posture during shielding to match.
Increased shield size.IncineroarSide SpecialExtended launch distance when opponents that are not grabbed with a side special are caught up in the lariat or back body drop.Piranha PlantOtherMade the lips briefly invincible after deactivating shield.JokerNeutral SpecialReduced the range when shooting downward in the air.JokerOtherReduced the amount of time Arsene is summoned for when receiving damage while Arsene is summoned in battles with two or fewer opponents.

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